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I was trying to get this book from the library to scan for Black History
Month but none of my libraries have it. It's a children's book so it won't
be a long scan if anybody else can get it and is interested. It's a brand
new book that just came out.

Henry Aaron's Dream
Black History Month

It is hard to believe but there was a time when Major League Baseball had no
African American players.  For a black boy growing up in Mobile, Alabama,
the idea of becoming a big-league player could be no more than a dream.  But
times change, and dreams paired with persistence can come true.  The story
of the Henry Aaron's beginning – before his homerun record fame – is told in
Matt Tavares’s beautiful Henry Aaron's Dream.
If you would like a Henry Aaron's Dream poster for your classroom please
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by Matt Tavares
For more books to use in your classroom during Black History Month go here.

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