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  • Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2006 10:32:56 -0500

Hi all, and happy new year!

I was inspired to get back into volunteering for BookShare when I noticed
that not only do I have one of the books on the wish list, but I've already
scanned it.  It has been sitting in my to-be-cleaned-up folder for months.  

One of the problems with this book is that it has very wide margins with
stuff separate from the primary text in those margins such as quotes from
artists and who knows what else.  Additionally, the book is an odd
size--almost square when closed--so that when it's opened and placed face
down on the scanner, it's edges overlap the edge of the scanner bed.  This
doesn't interfere with getting the full text of the book, but it does cut
off the stuff in the margins.  

So all this to say that I'm cleaning up the scan and just removing the stuff
in the margins which didn't scan well anyway.  If someone who likes a
challenge wants to get a copy of this book and figure out how to put back in
the margin stuff, let me know and I'll alert you as to when it goes up on
the step 1 page.  This material is not essential for getting the content of
what this book has to offer, but the equal opportunity monster inside me
won't let me submit this copy without at least giving someone the chance to
make sure that every single word is also available to people who use
BookShare.  <smile>  

Peace and Hope,


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