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Have you tried deleting the replicated pages using Word?  It sounds like all
you did was open it in Word to see if the pages were still there and have
only been trying to use K1000 to delete the pages.

If you haven't tried to fix the problem using Word, and all you need to do
is chop off the last part of the book to correct the problem, then...

Open the file in Word.

Find the spot where the book ends and the replicated pages start.

Type Ctrl-Shift-End to select the remaining text in the file.

Now, hit delete.

That should delete the rest of the pages.


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Hi, Sarah, Kellie and Jana.  First of all, Kellie, I tried opening the file
in Word, but the replicated file was still there.  Jana, I tried several
times to select to the end; waited quite a while; checked with control Y
and received the message, "Nothing is selected."  This is beginning to look
hopeless.  Sarah, I sent an EMail with this monster file as an attachment
to Kurzweil, so we'll have to wait and see.
In the meantime, as I have said, the text scan is amazingly close to
perfect.  The headers, though, did not scan well at all and will have to be
removed manually.  So I may extract the file again and just do the headers.
I hate to reject such a good scan after all the hours spent proofing it.

Cindy, I just got your message.  No, it's not blank pages.  The entire
second half of the book is replicated intact  Thanks, All.
A Frustrated Validator!

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