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You don't have to set all the combo boxes in the alibris search. In fact, I often put both title and author in the first search box and get exactly what I want as the first result. Of course, if you want to set those combo boxes, it is too bad they don't work well for you.


On 5/27/2011 5:41 PM, Kim Friedman wrote:
Hi, Kes, I don't have problems with searching at Amazon.com. It's that Alibris site that gets me. If you go there, there are a bunch of combo boxes you have to go through and sort out. I was frustrated because I couldn't open the combo box for the condition of book I'd accept. I don't know if it has something to do with the scroll moving or not. Mind you, both sites are great, but I can deal with Amazon.com a bit better. By the way, that was a neat hint you gave me. I'll use it. Regards, Kim Friedman.
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Quite often, if I think something I am searching for is on Amazon somewhere but the Amazon searches keep coming without useful results, I search Amazon using Google search terms, like this
site: Amazon.com book "title of book"
The "site" operator means the search will focus on Amazon, and the other terms should be self-explanatory, except of course you want to put the title of the book you are looking for within the quotation marks. Another thing I try sometimes is to search for the author's name rather than the book title, as often similarly titled books will come up and give me more results than I can quickly skim through.



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    Hi, Jamie, I'd love to find those titles for a less expensive
    price, believe me. Apparently that's impossible at amazon.com. I
    looked. I also tried Alibris.com. No joy there, either, but then I
    find the search functions there kind of hard to deal with what
    with the clutter and for some reason (I know not why) not all the
    combo boxes will open so I can see all the lists (or rather my
    screen reader can't). I'm wondering if it's something to do with
    that particular page? I also went to thriftbooks.com and to
    powells.com. Will try them again and hope to find those books at a
    less expensive price. Regards, Kim.
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    I checked to see if my library had any and they don't,
    unfortunately. But here are the titles if anyone else is looking:

    4. The Castle of the Winds
    5. The Singer and the Sea
    6. Shadow of the Seer

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