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You've done the one thing you can do to fix the problems with the author and
copyright info, notify the list that the problem exists so whoever validates
the books can be sure to fix the info.  Even that shouldn't really matter,
though, because if the validator does their job properly, then they'll check
this info to make sure it's correct before uploading the book for approval.
That's why many books have to be validated more than once, because they
weren't validated properly in the first place.  Usually it's the Copyright
Name field which volunteers seem to fill out incorrectly, though.

I hope you read the tip on Jake's website for filling out the forms.  It
sounds like you did.  This is the best info availabel at the moment for how
to fill out the forms correctly and avoid having the book kicked back to be

As for using the ampersand in the title of the book, if it's done that way
on the title page, then that's the way it should be entered.

As someone else mentioned, words which are hyphenated due to their falling
at the end of lines or the end of the page should be put back together.
Just move one half of the word to the line or page where the other half is
and put the word back together.  Normally the word no longer happens to fall
at the end of the line,though, because of the original lines not being
preserved when scanning, so you'll just need to delete the hyphen and/or
space(s) between the halves of the word.

Finally, as for the children's books, yes, go ahead and submit them.
Bookshare is interested in building up a larger collection of children's
books, especially if they can be used for school.  Janice even asked this
list last year if we could help her create a list of the K-2 books which
were in the collection because she was at a conference and had teachers
asking her what books were available for kids that age through Bookshare.



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Hello everyone,

        I'm just new to this list yesterday.  I started uploading books
over the last few years just a few days ago.    You all seem really helpful 
to each other, and I am so very thankful.  Jake, if you're out there 
somewhere, your web site has been so very helpful.  There really is a lot 
of information there that I didn't seem to find on the BookShare site that 
is aimed at volunteering.  I do have a couple of questions, and I owe you 
poor folks an appology.

        When I started filling out the form to upload books, some of the 
information wasn't as clear as it might have been.  I have made some 
mistakes that I'm afraid someone is going to have to fix.  For example, I 
didn't know that filling out the author field required first name first, 
and last name last, so my submissions thus far have been in reverse 
order.  Is there a way that I can fix this for books already uploaded, or 
should I just not make the same mistake in future?  Also, I didn't know 
that the copyright year required was the most recent, not the first.  I 
think I only made that mistake on one book.  Again, should I fix this, and 
how, or just not do it in future?  I am so very sorry.  I wish I had known.

        I do have a couple of scanning/correction questions also.  As I am 
proofreading the books I'm scanning, some of the titles have the & symbol 
in them.  Should I just leave this as it is, or actually put in the word 
"and?"  Also, I'm finding that some of the hyphens dividing words at the 
ends of lines are missing.  Should I add those in, or leave them 
out.  Sorry for stupid questions, if indeed they are.

        Finally, I'm just curious.  I have a twelve-year-old who is with me
a lot of the time.  She is an avid reader and has asked me to offer her two 
favourite series up to the BookShare site for other kids to read as they 
aren't available anywhere else for reading challenged kids.  Is there a 
demand for this kind of thing, or are we just wasting the time of other 
volunteers by submitting books that no one is interested in reading?

        I'm sorry this note has gone on for so long.  I really do think this
is a 
great  service you all are doing.  Sorry again for all of the questions and 
for filling out the submission form improperly.  Thanks for any help you 
feel like offering.  Have a great day.


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