[bksvol-discuss] Re: Hello, I'm new here and thank you all.

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Hi, Mayrie, and what an interesting way to spell your name! I like it and 
have never seen it that way. <smile> Anyway, welcome to the list. As for the 
mistakes you've made, these are the things that will probably cause books to 
be kicked back to the Step One page for validators to fix, if the people who 
validated your books didn't fix them, which they're supposed to, but 
sometimes they don't. Are you registered as a volunteer? I ask because if 
you are, you can access the Step One page yourself to see if any of your 
books have been kicked back, and then you'll know. It's preferred that you 
don't validate your own submissions. If you get rejection notices for some 
of the submissions that you know you messed up on, you can just submit the 
books again with the information filled out properly. As for the children's 
books, go ahead and submit them! There are many school-aged people who use 
Bookshare, and some schools have subscriptions so their print-impaired 
students can access it, so I'm sure the books will be appreciated...and some 
of us are big kids at heart, anyway, so we might find them interesting 
ourselves. <smile> As for the hyphens at the ends of lines, it's common 
procedure to bring the words together and get rid of the hyphens, of course, 
assuming they're not supposed to be hyphenated words. Welcome to the list! 
Take care.
Julie Morales
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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Hello, I'm new here and thank you all.

Hello everyone,

I'm just new to this list yesterday.  I started uploading books scanned
over the last few years just a few days ago.    You all seem really helpful
to each other, and I am so very thankful.  Jake, if you're out there
somewhere, your web site has been so very helpful.  There really is a lot
of information there that I didn't seem to find on the BookShare site that
is aimed at volunteering.  I do have a couple of questions, and I owe you
poor folks an appology.

When I started filling out the form to upload books, some of the
information wasn't as clear as it might have been.  I have made some
mistakes that I'm afraid someone is going to have to fix.  For example, I
didn't know that filling out the author field required first name first,
and last name last, so my submissions thus far have been in reverse
order.  Is there a way that I can fix this for books already uploaded, or
should I just not make the same mistake in future?  Also, I didn't know
that the copyright year required was the most recent, not the first.  I
think I only made that mistake on one book.  Again, should I fix this, and
how, or just not do it in future?  I am so very sorry.  I wish I had known.

I do have a couple of scanning/correction questions also.  As I am
proofreading the books I'm scanning, some of the titles have the & symbol
in them.  Should I just leave this as it is, or actually put in the word
"and?"  Also, I'm finding that some of the hyphens dividing words at the
ends of lines are missing.  Should I add those in, or leave them
out.  Sorry for stupid questions, if indeed they are.

Finally, I'm just curious.  I have a twelve-year-old who is with me quite
a lot of the time.  She is an avid reader and has asked me to offer her two
favourite series up to the BookShare site for other kids to read as they
aren't available anywhere else for reading challenged kids.  Is there a
demand for this kind of thing, or are we just wasting the time of other
volunteers by submitting books that no one is interested in reading?

I'm sorry this note has gone on for so long.  I really do think this is a
great  service you all are doing.  Sorry again for all of the questions and
for filling out the submission form improperly.  Thanks for any help you
feel like offering.  Have a great day.


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