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Hi Jack,
   When you come across a footnote number within the text of the book, Put a 
space, then an asterisk, the number, then another space.  For the footnotes at 
the bottom of the page, you can either put three asterisks on a line before the 
footnotes or put a left bracket and the word footnote before the footnotes and 
a right bracket after the footnotes.  HTH!  Oh, in case you haven’t used them 
before, the brackets are to the right of the letter P on the keyboard.

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I do have a question.
The book I'm working on: A Nation In Crisis (I don't agree with the book's 
politics, but I can proofread it anyway!),
has many footnotes. I'm using WORD. The OCR interpreted the annotation numbers 
as simple numerals. I've left them at that. Anyone know if there is a standard 
I should be following?
Jack Teeter

On 12/14/2012 1:48 PM, Judy s. wrote:

  Hi Jack, and welcome to volunteering! smile. 

  Judy s. 
  On 12/14/2012 12:07 PM, jteeter45@xxxxxxx wrote: 

    Hi Everyone, 
    Just checked out my first book for proofreading. 
    This is great fun! 
    jack Teeter jteeter45@xxxxxxx 

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Jack Teeter
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