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I just uploaded another book to the step 2 page and no problems. Also from 
another question that was asked yesterday, I noticed the full path in the brose 
while uploading. I went back to jaws 7 instead of using jaws 7.1 which has a 
lot of bugs in it. Was it you Sue asking about that? If not, sorry in advance.
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  If that doesn't work, Gustavo and John are your only solutions. The system 
just didn't like my file. I haven't seen it appear online yet, either, so maybe 
they're having problems as well.

  Good luck. I know how frustrating it can be to sit for ages, just waiting.


  Mickey Prahin
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    Hi Sue, What is happening seems to be happening more often of late. The 
following has worked for me each time it has happened. First find and replace 
all page breaks with a text string that is unique, such as five astericks or a 
some character that does not occur in the book. Next save as a plain text file. 
close the file and your word processor. You should now have two files of the 
same name but with different file extensions. Now open the plain text file in 
word pad and save it. finally reopen the plain text file in M S Word, replace 
your unique text string with a page break and save as an rtf file type giving a 
it a new name, thats important. This only takes a few minutes and removes all 
the unecessary formatting that was not replaced when it should have been..  
HTH, Tom
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      Hi All,

      I am totally frustrated.  I have been trying to upload Hello, Darkness, 
by Sandra Brown to the admin queue for several days.  I have pulled all the 
usual tricks, but it just will not upload and there is no error message, 
believe me.  Grace got a beautiful scan and it really needs to be in the 
collection.  What the compputer does is sit on Accept with the light on my 
display blinking as usual, but then after a long time it just goes off accept 
without any explanation and does not take me to the next page like it shoould.  
What should I do with this beautiful scan?  Not to mention a great read?  Any 
help will be appreciated.


      Sue S..

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