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You're working with a Zip file.  Pressing Enter on a Zip file opens the Zip
file but makes it look as if you are in a subfolder since that is
essentially what a Zip file is, a collection of files like a subfolder.
However, the path ends at the Zip file, not at one of the  files inside of
the Zip file because the contents don't actually reside outside of that Zip
file even though that's what it looks like.  Upload the Zip file, and you'll
upload the file you've been working on.  However, if you've added additional
files to the Zip file, then you'll need to remove them or copy the RTF file
which you intend to upload to another location because the Bookshare tools
can't handle multiple files in side of a Zip file.








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Here I am again still trying.  It is getting used to this computer that is
causing me problems.  This file appears as follows:

Where it says desktop, it is listed as 13, "hello.zip".  Then when I press
enter I see "hello_darkness  Then if I press enter on that title it opens
the file in word, as it should.  


Now here is what I need to know.  How do I get it to give me the full path?
I have a portable Dell Notebook with DSL, Windows XP, and Jaws 7.0.  Can
some of you computer savvy people tell me what to do to get the full path?  


The bookshare.org page for upload used to browse for a path if you needed it
to, but now it does not.  I want to learn rather than give up and e-mail it
if at all possible.




Sue S.


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