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Thanks, Cindy.  No, I won't let it discourage me... I just think people
should be kinder in their words and not make people feel stupid for not
knowing.  I guess I may have been letting off some steam with that response.

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> Lisa,
> Don't let a few people's comments (less than a few,
> right? Just one person who either didn't read your
> post carefully or misunderstaood it) discourage you.
> Without people who notice things like that duplicates
> would never get removed. And look what bonuses we got?
> If Ihadn't read a recent article, I wouldn't have
> known that Philosopher's Stone and Sorceror's stone
> were basically the same novel. Without your post that
> started a discussion, I wouldn't have known that the
> former Philosopher's stone has things in it that
> Sorceror's Stone doesn't have,  or what all the
> English terms mean that Shelley gave us, or that in
> the old days of England a Philosopher was a Sorceror.
> And except that I heard it on tv, without your post I
> wouldn't have known  about the scam people are running
> re Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Nor would I
> have known that the release is July, not the fall.
> I've signed up for it (not the one for the kids'
> section, because i don't think that would be fair to
> kids) and am #221 on the waiting list. (grin).
> Cindy
> --- Lisa Leonardi <lml5280@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Excuse me, I wasn't making any assumption!  I was
> > stating that there
> > appeared to be duplicates and I thought that someone
> > could verify if there
> > were or weren't.  Sorry I'm not in the know on all
> > things Harry Potter.  I
> > was only trying to helt.  Next time, I'll think
> > twice before doing so.
> >
> >
> >
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