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No no, 
Philosopher's stone and Sorcerer's stone are *not* the same.  Rowling used a 
few things in Philosopher she *didn't* use in Sorcerer... 
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  I was looking at the Harry Potter books today and noticed something 
interesting.  We have several remote listings wich is fine but there are also 
many duplicates on the bookshare site.  For example, there are some books that 
show the normal book title but then there is a duplicate that says (british 
edition) after the title.  Also, there is one that has the title Harry Potter 
and the Philosopher's Stone which, after looking at the synopsis, is actually 
supposed to be Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  The synopsis in the book 
with philosoper's in the title tells the story of the sorcerer's stone book.  
And there is already a copy of the sorcerer's stone book.  Just wanted to let 
the powers-that-be know about this.


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