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Thanks for the info on software, Mayrie.

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Hi Tim,
I saw your message when it came through.  I don't know 
how to deal with creating external drives from used-to-be internal 
But as for using any software that was on your old 
computer.  You can't do that.  Your old computer had a different 
opperating system and totally different hardware components.  All of your 
old software on the old drive wants to run with all of the old hardware, 
motherboard, chipset, video card, etc.  The software can't run on your new 
computer.  It'd need to be installed on it to run there.  However, you 
can go grab from the hard drive, if you know where to find them, old word 
documents and read/edit them on your new computer, or access them from the old 
hard drive if you really need to do that.  You could play mp3's for example 
on your new computer that you had on your old computer.  So, what I'm 
saying is that old files like e-mail messages, Word documents, txt files, 
mp3's, and the like  can be imported to your new computer, but the software 
on your old computer, like your copy of Outlook, or Word, or any other program 
can't be run on your new computer from the old computer's hard drive.  The 
software, if you don't have updated versions, or if you want to replace them 
with older versions, needs to be installed on the hard drive of your new 
computer so that it talks to the proper hardware.
Sorry, I know that wasn't very brilliantly stated, but 
And I know nothing about Word 2010.  Hope someone on this 
list can help you out with that!
Good luck!

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I keep sending this, but it won't go to the list. Trying it one more time. 

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Subject: Hard 

Would the person who knows how to make a hard drive into an extended hard 
drive please write me offlist? My old computer runs XP and my new one runs 7. 
Will that be a problem?

Also, does anyone know how to change XP files into 7 files? My new computer 
has Office Starter 2010, but whenever I try to open a document, it says it 
open Office 2010 (the regular version). How do I get it to open documents with 
the Starter version?

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