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It does. I guess I can proofread everything else on my BrailleNote and then 
 in Word can increas the paper size to fix any page numbers. Would I need 
to  change the paper size back to letter after adding the page numbers before 
 uploading it to Bookshare, or can I just upload it using a different paper 
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Hi Megan,
    If  you are using JAWS, it announces it as it passes over a page break. 
 It  actually says "page break."  If it is a soft page break that you are  
passing over, Word will just announce the new page number as Word is 
counting  which it does by counting soft page breaks.  You're really better off 
increasing your paper size and eliminating all soft page breaks that  way.  
Then you never have to wonder at all about soft page breaks because  they're 
Does that  help?

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I've got a question about hard versus soft page breaks and adding page  
numbers. So, it there's a soft page break, a break in Word for example where  
there'd be a new page if you printed it but not a new page in the book, I  
don't understand how you could easily determine where to add page numbers. I  
don't think I made sense. If a book has more soft page numbers than hard 
ones  and you need to add page numbers, how do you know where to add the 
numbers?  How do you know which is a hard page break and which is a soft one?

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