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We had absolutely no kids and I live in an apartment with kids in it.

All I can say is boooo!

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  It was so cold here, the kiddos were not out.  We had four trick or treaters, 
our neighborhood is changing too, so maybe that is it.  Anyway, we have lots of 

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    It's been a very cold fall here too with the same thing, lots of kids 
jumping in and out of cars. I actually heard one little boy (he looked maybe 5 
years old) say to his dad "Are we done yet?" and his bag wasn't even very heavy 
with candy! It was so cold! 

    After I warmed up I scanned a very thick kids/teen book in the Vampirates 
series. I didn't read the book myself but I think with the new reading trend 
about vampires that it should be a popular book.

    Finally I am making progress in scanning the stack of library books I have!

    Jamie in Michigan
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