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Can I amend my previous statement? If you keep the same page numbers as the 
original text, then sure, hand-numbering is fine. It's changing page numbers 
that I'm trying to prevent. Sorry that I wasn't clear before!


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It was 
Carrie who told me not to do the hand numbering, but it was a specific instance 
with a book that Carrie and I were both having troubles 
say if you haven't been asked not to do something, and your validations are 
getting accepted, and your scanned submissions are being accepted with you 
the hand numbering, then keep doing it.
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I was wondering who told Caitlyn not to hand number pages?  I frequently do 
this because in my experience, scanners don't always scan  the page numbers 
correctly and I find it is a lot faster to put in the  page number as I scan 
each page than it is to try to fix them after I am  done scanning.

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