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Dan, here is page 142

I will hang onto the book until you are sure there are
no other things you need. 

Ophelia so closely. Unless that had been accidental,
not a copying so much as another person with the same
passion expressing it in the same, fairly elemental
It was pleasant walking in the sun over the dry,
springy grass, the wind barely rustling the leaves,
the smell of earth in the air instead of smoke and
manure and dusty stone. There were birds singing, not
the ever-present sparrows but what sounded like
blackbirds, their song high, persistent and sweet.
He saw a young man and woman half lying on the ground,
her skirts billowing around her, a picnic basket near
them, as yet unopened. They had been laughing
together, she flirting, he showing off a little. They
stopped and looked up as Pitt approached them. 
?Excuse me,? Pitt apologized. He would far rather have
been doing as they were, savoring the last echoes of
summer, enjoying the moment with no thought of
yesterday or tomorrow, than caring who killed Delbert
Cathcart, or why.
When Charlotte came home from Paris he would take a
day off, and the two of them would go out into the
country sunshine, just wander around doing nothing in
particular. It would not be difficult, and trains were
cheap if you did not go too far.
?Yes?? the young man asked, politely enough.
?Have you seen a group of men go past carrying
cameras?? Pitt enquired.
It was the girl who answered. ?About half an hour ago.
Ever so serious they was, all talking together.?
?Which way did they go??
She looked at him to see if he was carrying a camera
as well, and was puzzled when there was none visible.
?I?m looking for a friend,? Pitt said somewhat lamely.
?Which way did they go??
She was not sufficiently interested to pursue her
curiosity. ?That way.? She pointed across the swell of
grass towards a clump of trees, gnarled roots writhing
above the earth in intricate and beautiful form.
?Thank you.? He nodded briefly and set off as

Jamie in Michigan 

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