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Hi Lori,
I wouldn't reject the book just yet.  There are still a few ways in which
footnote numbers can be added, or the book can be added to the collection
without them, so let's not give up on this book just yet.
I wonder, would any of our volunteers with vision be willing just to put in
footnote numbers for Lori, or give her a list of where they belong, page
number on which they belong, and a couple of words immediately before each? 
If someone is willing to insert the footnote numbers, Lori, you could upload
your file as if it were ready for addition to the collection, but with a
note asking Carrie to return that particular file to the checkout page with
a hold for whoever would like to add the footnotes. Once those have been
added, the book could be returned to the checkout page for Lori in the same
way, and she could finish the proofreading of the book, if anything else
needs doing.
So, is anyone interested in, or able to help Lori out with this kind of
If we can't find you help, Lori, the footnote numbers aren't required and if
the rest of the book is very usable, it would still meet the requirements
for addition to the Bookshare collection.


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I am proofreading a book which has a number of footnotes--about 20 per
chapter.  About half the numbers in the body of the text are missing, and it
is not always clear where they should appear.
Is this large number of missing footnote numbers a reason to reject the book
or should I simply release it and hope that someone who can check the print
text for the missing numbers will checkout the book?
Lori C.

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