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I agree, sounds interesting.  I remember looking at one a long time ago and
would like to see it again.

I don't think it's necessary to scan any previous year's editions though,
since they will contain the same records or records that have been surpassed
and are no longer world records.  Also, from what I remember when I was
young, the information on a given record often mentions recently held
records and instances where the record was almost broken.  I expect that the
book is going to be a pain to clean up, too.  I'd suggest adding the 2004
edition to your apparently long list of books to be scanned and postponing
the decision to scan other editions until after you've finished scanning

So, Shelley, what book will you come up with next?  Wish I was as fast at
scanning as you are.  Hopefully, I'll get there after I've scanned a few
more books.


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Would putting the Guinness Book of World records up on bookshare be
interesting to someone out there?

I have the 2004 edition that my brother brought home from our Library.  The
library has about ten or so other years too, including the original, or I
think it is, don't quote me on it though.

Would this be interesting?

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