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Earlier today I visited a library for the first time in way too long. I had a 
good time browsing books and I noticed some Guideposts mystery books in the 
children's section. I know someone was asking for a Guideposts 2009 and it's 
not the same thing but I wanted to let you know about this series. They're not 
necessarily children's books; they're maybe 200 pages each or slightly less.
Bookshare does have the first book in the series:
Although it is not labeled like the cover of the book with GUIDEPOSTS on it.
There are 3 more books in the series that I know of:
#2 The Missing Hydrangeas (2000)
#3 The Doubtful Doctor (2002)
#4 The Regrettable Rumors (2002)
All by Eileen Berger.

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