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I can see the advantage of placing the chapter number on a different line from the word "chapter" but if the page number which is constantly changing is on that same line, wouldn't you think the stripper would leave it alone?
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"protecting" is as much an art as a science.
Basically, the stripper is fond of doing its handy work near the top and
bottom of pages.
Hence, I attempt to keep the "Chapter" a few lines away from the top by
first leaving a couple of blank lines at the top of the page,
then a line of a couple of hypphens, then another blank line, then the
page number, then a blank line, then a line with a couple of hyphens,,
then the Chapter heading.
The idea is to give the stripper something to work on that can be lived
Another good idea is to place the word "chapter" on one line and the
number of that chapter on the line below.

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