[bksvol-discuss] Re: Guidelines for prep of books for submission?

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    I appreciate the time and effort you are putting into helping Bookshare
understand what's going on with the braille files. After seeing problems in
BRF files I've downloaded from the site, I've been afraid to even look at
the BRF versions of any books I've submitted.

    I realize most users may prefer the DAISY format, but I hope something
can be done in the coming months, to improve the quality of the braille
files. Not only is the stripper a problem, but odd things seem to happen
with translation. In addition, tabs appear to be lost, so I've started
replacing all tabs with spaces. I thought Duxbury was a very good program,
so I'm not sure why it would be dropping tabs, unless that has something to
do with the DAISY conversion that happens first.

    As far as page numbers are concerned, I have decided that until
something is worked out, I will only submit books for which page numbers are
not as important.

Paula Muysenberg

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> Hi again,
> Once again I feel I must weigh in on the discussion of the stripper
> problem - a discussion which has become for me increasingly painful and
> frustrating.  It saddens me tremendously to find us working so hard to
> up with ways to protect our files by outwitting the stripper, when we have
> no actual guidelines from management on what to do.  We should not have to
> struggle with this at all, and our efforts seem to be inconsistent and not
> very effective.
> Through a couple of exchanges with Jim I have begun to get a sense of what
> is going on, from an engineering standpoint - although my understanding
> well be imperfect.  It seems that the stripper "grabs" page numbers and
> chapter headings in order to create the "tags" which are so valuable to
> Bookshare readers who use DAISY files.  Therefore, DAISY files would be
> harmed if the stripper were turned off.  The BRF files are being stripped
> page numbers and chapter headings because the stripper is using them to
> create DAISY tags.  I have been told that this is "an output problem"
> might be handled by the engineering department by working with the Duxbury
> program, which is used to create the BRF files.  I am trying to get the
> names of people in engineering in order to exchange ideas about what can
> done, and to find out about the time frame we can expect.
> I think it is very important for everyone who is concerned about the
> condition of the BRF files to contact Jim Fruchterman and Janice Carter.
> Unless they hear from us, clearly and directly, it is easy for this issue
> be kept on the back burner indefinitely.  Right now DAISY seems to be a
> priority and BRF is a neglected stepchild.  Those of us who prefer Braille
> to audio need to make our voices heard - Braille users deserve the same
> level of quality as DAISY users do.
> Debbie
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> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: Guidelines for prep of books for submission?
> > I can see the advantage of placing the chapter number on a different
> > from the word "chapter" but if the page number which is constantly
> changing
> > is on that same line, wouldn't you think the stripper would leave it
> alone?
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> > Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: Guidelines for prep of books for
> >
> >
> > > Jill
> > >
> > > "protecting" is as much an art as a science.
> > > Basically, the stripper is fond of doing its handy work near the top
> > > bottom of pages.
> > > Hence, I attempt to keep the "Chapter" a few lines away from the top
> > > first leaving a couple of blank lines at the top of the page,
> > > then a line of a couple of hypphens, then another blank line, then the
> > > page number, then a blank line, then a line with a couple of hyphens,,
> > > then the Chapter heading.
> > > The idea is to give the stripper something to work on that can be
> > > without.
> > > Another good idea is to place the word "chapter" on one line and the
> > > number of that chapter on the line below.
> > >
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