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Hi, Evan!  On the site, it's talking about quoting things like Amazon.com or 
some other Web site.  If the quotes are part of the book where the synopsis 
would normally be, such as the back cover of a paperback, it should be okay. 
I've left them in and taken them out, and I've never had a book rejected 
because of quotes in the long synopsis field.  Just don't include quotes 
that are not in the book, such as book reviews you might find on-line, and 
you should be all set.


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  Ok, I must be especially dense this morning, but at the risk of revealing 
the depth of my denseness, I will stick my neck out and ask:  If the quotes 
are not from people, who are they from? <grin>  No, really, I am curious, as 
I am wondering what other kinds of quotes he might have been referring to. 
I will have to look for it, but I am sure I read up on the site somewhere, 
or on Jake's site, about quotes - from people I imagine <smile> - being a 
legal problem in the long synopsis.

  Anyhow, I still have to resubmit the book for the other reasons I 
mentioned.  But I don't have the time for that for a few weeks yet, and I 
didn't want the book up there for any time if it was gonna be a legal 
problem or something.

  Thanks much for the help.

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    I can't say for sure whether or not the quotes in the long synopsis are 
enough of a problem to cause the book to be removed.  Gustavo didn't exactly 
cover quotes by people when I spoke to him about the issue.  Even if they 
are a problem, I'd expect that instead of removing the book from the 
collection, the long synopsis would just be removed, or edited since the 
quote is the first thing in the synopsis.

    Since Gustavo will need to make the call, I'm copying him on the 



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    Sorry, but I have to resubmit CUSP by Robert A. Metzger, which just 
appeared in the collection.  I left column detection on when I scanned it to 
make sure something at the beginning of the book was not decolumnized, and 
didn't think it would make any difference if I left it on.  I realized that 
it was putting hard returns at the end of every line as I was reading 
through it, and I tried to remove many, but I didn't get as many as I had 
thought.  The brf file is just chock full of indented lines which are not 
the beginning of paragraphs.  Another problem is this pesky chapter heading 
thing, which I will have to fix up.  Most of them are in the middle of 
pages, but that still leaves quite a few at the beginning of pages.  Another 
problem is that there are quotes in the long synopsis which is up on the 
site.  I didn't know about the legal problem with that when I submitted it, 
and the validater didn't fix it either.  Also, the hard return problem shows 
up in the long synopsis which you can see if you want to:  Rather than 
taking a new line when encountering a hard return, apparently whatever 
software they have running up there just runs the words together, so it 
looks terrible.  Sorry about all this stuff.  I can only plead that it was 
my second submission, and a lack of knowledge about what my scanner would do 
if column detection was left on, and a hope that it wouldn't be as bad as it 
was.  I don't suppose Daisy readers will notice if they read through the 
book continuously, but for Braille readers, it is just maddening.  The text 
quality is very good, though, so people who don't care about the things I 
have mentioned may enjoy it and will not have to worry about garbled text or 
junk characters or anything like that.  But I can't let this stand as it is. 
I would appreciate it if someone would go up and look at the long synopsis 
and tell me if the quotes in it are permitted on Bookshare's site or not, If 
not, then I would imagine that the book will have to be removed until it can 
be fixed.

    Sorry folks.  Live and learn. <smile>

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