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  • Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2015 21:18:26 -0500

This is a question that Madeleine would have to look into, but I wanted to address the whole list because I expect that many of you might be intrigued by the idea like I am. Some years ago there was a lot of discussion in the news about Google Books because of the copyright holders being aghast at the possibility that Google was about to make millions of copyrighted books available to everyone. At the time I mentioned on this list that Bookshare should already have access to them. As I understood the copyright law and as I still understand it Bookshare should be able to just acquire those millions of books without having to get permission from anyone. I think the number of books was something like nine million. At the time Pavi was the volunteer coordinator. I think that in the line of Madeleine predecessors she was about the third back in line. She answered my comments with the statement that Bookshare was in talks with Google about that very thing. Oh boy! I thought. The Bookshare collection could grow by millions of books at any time! Well, that was a number of years ago now and I have heard absolutely nothing about it from any source, Bookshare or elsewhere. So I am now asking about it. Is there any chance of Bookshare getting hold of those millions of Google books or not? I would add that if it ever happens the volunteer program would quickly disappear. If publisher quality books make it hard to find something to scan just think what the influx of the entire Google books collection would do.
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