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Dear Katherine,

Your booklined bedroom looks like Evan’s and my offices. Books fill the role of
insulation in our house.

I think it’s cool that you mail your books to the people who proofread them. We
put ours in the donation box or Paperback Swap them as soon as they go live.
Partnerships work well here where each keeps the other on their toes.

I’m glad what you’re doing isn’t in jeopardy.

Always with love,


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In response, I would only say that a couple of my books have holds, but many
are only for a sighted proofer as my scanner and program work only in 2-page
mode, so the books I scan need a bit more work with page breaks and numbering.
I always have a hard copy I can send. I haven’t looked to see if any of my
books are still out.

I do scan quite a bit and edit as best as I can. I read while I edit, so
sometimes it takes me a bit longer.

But there are plenty of books not in the collection. The state of my bedroom
can attest to that. J I’d say there are at least 800 books there. I put all of
this information in the notes section, but I just want to reiterate it here.

I’ll continue to scan as much as possible as it enables me to read books that
aren’t otherwise available.



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Dear Booksharian Friends,

Is anyone as worried as I am about the state of the check out page? Only 2 of
the books there are available to anyone and the other 9 have holds.

The scanners we have are working hard and many of them have dedicated their
time for years scanning for people they don’t know with their only motivation
being to enrich the Bookshare library. I’m not asking that the regulars take on
the responsibility for this disaster. I’m asking if anyone knows anyone they
can inspire to Take up this important volunteer work.

I try and help by searching out books that aren’t in the collection, buying
them as cheaply as possible and mailing them to people I know will scan them. I
also buy the books that have holds for me and make the scanner’s life easier by
mailing them the books to scan and by being satisfied with the work they do and
not demanding that they be perfect or follow my personal rules beyond
Bookshare’s requirement. If a scanned book is perfect, and they never are,
then what would be the value of proofreaders? It takes careful scrutiny to find
and correct errors in well scanned books.

If we proofreaders can’t help by recruiting scanners or providing them with
books we can help by not racing to grab every available book and checking it in
lightning speed but by taking time during this crisis working on no more than a
couple of books at a time leaving other books available for other careful
proofreaders who are showing like consideration.

This isn’t any one person’s fault. The scarcity of scanners seems to be at the
core of the problem, that and the fact we have to work harder now to find books
that aren’t already in our fabulous Bookshare.

A somewhat exhausted scanner friend of mine said something pretty funny but

Remember the TV show Beretta. He said:

If you don’t want to do the time,

Don’t do the crime.

The Bookshare version is:

If you don’t take the time to look,

Please don’t check out the book.

I suggest that we proofreaders be generous and actually read the books we’re
promising to tidy up by the act of checking them out.

How many people are still around who remember that we used to broadcast far and
wide, that we were deranged perfectionists? The list is so quiet now. Nobody
blows their own horn but enthusiasm and sharing accomplishments isn’t bragging.
I think it’s inspiring! Volunteers that are new here might not have heard how
we shared our journey toward improving our skills. I’ve been doing this nonstop
except for computer trouble and illness for about ten years and I’m still
reading every word of the books I proofread. When I suspect my mind’s wandered
I go back and read some pages just to be sure I didn’t drowse and miss
something. I know there are plenty of proofreaders here who do the same, but
how can they with no books to check out?

I’d also be interested to know if anyone who is new is learning to proofread to
earn credits for their membership. If so, how can they with no books to check
out? If anyone is rushing through books to get credits in time to renew their
membership I have plenty of credits I’d be glad to share so you can relax and
take your time getting to know how to proofread carefully. And remember this
list is a source of understanding and help. There are scanners and proofreaders
just waiting for a chance to answer questions from newcomers who will gain
skill and help newercomers in turn.

Oh, and we enjoyed welcoming new volunteers and celebrating their
accomplishments, so chime in and tell us you’ve arrived.

I didn’t mean to preach or wave my arms and stomp around on my soap box. I was
just shocked to see the check out down to 2 books. It’s like seeing a loved one
bleed to death.

Hoping to hear some ideas, thoughts, interest, concern etc from anyone.

It is what it is,

But it will become what you make it.

Always with love,


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