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If there is some book someone really wants on paperbackswap, I have credits to spare. In fact, I think I could have them send the book directly to someone else, not just to me, or I can transfer credits to you.

On 10/30/2015 11:12 PM, Katherine Petersen (Redacted sender katherine_petersen for DMARC) wrote:

Good information, Roger. I haven’t bought credits in so long, I’d forgotten how much they can cost. It is definitely if you can accumulate some credits through trading books rather than purchasing credits.


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The cost of those Paperback Swap credits are nearly four dollars though. That is only slightly cheaper than the one cent books on Amazon. With the $3.99 shipping those books come to four dollars apiece. I am not trying to discourage anyone though. Paperback Swap is where I got the last few books I have scanned.

On 10/30/2015 7:12 PM, Katherine Petersen (Redacted sender katherine_petersen for DMARC) wrote:

One more thing I’d like to toss out: I know cost can be an issue
for getting books, but for those who aren’t familiar with it
Paperbackswap is also a good source for books. It’s a book-trading
site so you pay for book- rate postage only. Just a thought.


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Hi, Lissi and all,

Well, Lissi, if that isn't enough motivation to make me keep my
vow to dive in, pluck up my courage and begin scanning ASAP, I
don't know what is. There are so many excellent scanners and
proofers here, and while I've primarily spent years here learning
and experiencing from the sidelines, I do most definitely remember
days brimming over with enthusiasm on this list. I began my
journey here thinking proofing was my forte, but although I did a
bit of that successfully, it has become clear that the deep need
is for scanners. I was having a discussion with one of our
veteran scanners about this topic very recently.

while I can't take up this torch immediately, I will do my
absolute best to do so in the winter months. I'll have more time,
more disposable income to spend on books when necessary), and the
ability to give patient practice to learning the craft of
scanning. I have exacting standards, and want to give my very best.

I know that this is an amazing place with plenty of amazing,
supportive people, and you guys can help me find my footing as I
begin. Like Lissi, the state of things on the checkout list is a
huge concern to me, and I'd love to be able to do my part to turn
that around ASAP. I personally feel that I owe that much to a
community that has furnished me with so much amazing reading
material for my own education and great pleasure, and to all the
great ladies and gents who have shared their hard-won experience
and knowledge with me as I've learned some of the ropes.

Warmest Wishes,

On 10/30/2015 6:08 PM, Estelnalissi wrote:

Dear Booksharian Friends,

Is anyone as worried as I am about the state of the check out
page? Only 2 of the books there are available to anyone and
the other 9 have holds.

The scanners we have are working hard and many of them have
dedicated their time for years scanning for people they don’t
know with their only motivation being to enrich the Bookshare
library. I’m not asking that the regulars take on the
responsibility for this disaster. I’m asking if anyone knows
anyone they can inspire to Take up this important volunteer work.

I try and help by searching out books that aren’t in the
collection, buying them as cheaply as possible and mailing
them to people I know will scan them. I also buy the books
that have holds for me and make the scanner’s life easier by
mailing them the books to scan and by being satisfied with the
work they do and not demanding that they be perfect or follow
my personal rules beyond Bookshare’s requirement. If a scanned
book is perfect, and they never are, then what would be the
value of proofreaders? It takes careful scrutiny to find and
correct errors in well scanned books.

If we proofreaders can’t help by recruiting scanners or
providing them with books we can help by not racing to grab
every available book and checking it in lightning speed but by
taking time during this crisis working on no more than a
couple of books at a time leaving other books available for
other careful proofreaders who are showing like consideration.

This isn’t any one person’s fault. The scarcity of scanners
seems to be at the core of the problem, that and the fact we
have to work harder now to find books that aren’t already in
our fabulous Bookshare.

A somewhat exhausted scanner friend of mine said something
pretty funny but true.

Remember the TV show Beretta. He said:

If you don’t want to do the time,

Don’t do the crime.

The Bookshare version is:

If you don’t take the time to look,

Please don’t check out the book.

I suggest that we proofreaders be generous and actually read
the books we’re promising to tidy up by the act of checking
them out.

How many people are still around who remember that we used to
broadcast far and wide, that we were deranged perfectionists?
The list is so quiet now. Nobody blows their own horn but
enthusiasm and sharing accomplishments isn’t bragging. I think
it’s inspiring! Volunteers that are new here might not have
heard how we shared our journey toward improving our skills.
I’ve been doing this nonstop except for computer trouble and
illness for about ten years and I’m still reading every word
of the books I proofread. When I suspect my mind’s wandered I
go back and read some pages just to be sure I didn’t drowse
and miss something. I know there are plenty of proofreaders
here who do the same, but how can they with no books to check out?

I’d also be interested to know if anyone who is new is
learning to proofread to earn credits for their membership. If
so, how can they with no books to check out? If anyone is
rushing through books to get credits in time to renew their
membership I have plenty of credits I’d be glad to share so
you can relax and take your time getting to know how to
proofread carefully. And remember this list is a source of
understanding and help. There are scanners and proofreaders
just waiting for a chance to answer questions from newcomers
who will gain skill and help newercomers in turn.

Oh, and we enjoyed welcoming new volunteers and celebrating
their accomplishments, so chime in and tell us you’ve arrived.

I didn’t mean to preach or wave my arms and stomp around on my
soap box. I was just shocked to see the check out down to 2
books. It’s like seeing a loved one bleed to death.

Hoping to hear some ideas, thoughts, interest, concern etc
from anyone.

It is what it is,

But it will become what you make it.

Always with love,


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