[bksvol-discuss] Re: Going Going Gone?

  • From: Valerie Maples <vlmaples1@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2015 19:09:49 -0500

I have been mulling over this problem for quite some time. I am wondering if in
some circumstances there can be a three-pronged approach. I wonder if for some
books, especially lengthy books or children’s books, there can be a three-step
process instead of a two-step process. Doug and I often do this within our home
on a shared hard drive. With lengthy tomes or books that create tons of
spurious characters necessitating a sighted volunteer for preparation, often I
will do a raw scan, he will do the OCR from a PDF file, and then I will
proofread. I literally have several thousand books in my house that I could
scan, but I cannot do preparation work for (which would require a sighted
volunteer in my case to get peculiar text that does not OCR), and then someone
else could proofread.

I’m not sure if this makes sense to people, but now that Doug is ventilator
dependent and we have no nursing, thorough scanning to my standard is not as
practical for me as it once was. I used to try to scan one book for every two
books I proofread, but now it’s just alternated in fits and starts as things
fit & my schedule.

I hope I haven’t muddied the waters… Just explaining why I don’t scan as much
as I used to.

Valerie Maples

I talk, computer types, we both make mistakes. ;-)

On Oct 30, 2015, at 6:16 PM, Estelnalissi <airadil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Kim, your post brought tears to my eyes. If there are a few dozen of you out
there we’ll be OK.

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