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Just to remind you all, that these books are super short. Each book is at
least 316 pages, so don't feel overwhelmed by them. It just seems like a lot
because there is so much going on.  These books take no time at all to
proof, and I'm sure they don't take too much time to scan.  Just pick one,
and go for it. Besides these books are so much fun, and they will take you
on one heck of a roller coaster ride.  Just think of how great it will be
when all these books are up on the site, and who ever has an interest in
these books, wont have to wait until the next book is scanned. It is most
unpleasant when you are so into a series, and can't finish it because there
is a gap.  This is a great project, and besides you will get double the
credit if you are chosen as the winner. 



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Hi Volunteers:


We still have a lot of gaps in the different dragonlance series/trilogies .
There is nothing worse than having an incomplete series.  I am posting a few
suggestions in case someone is looking for something to scan.  


Betrayal (DragonLance: The Dhamon Saga, Volume II)  by Jean Rabe ISBN:

Redemption (DragonLance Dhamon Saga #3) Jean Rabe ISBN: 978-0786930067

These complete Dhamon's story which started in Dragons of a new Age. 


The Middle of Nowhere (Dragonlance: Crossroads) ISBN: 978-0786930616 Paul B.

This completes crossroads series.


The Gargoyle King (DragonLance Ogre Titans #3) Richard A. Knaak isbn:

This completes the Ogre Titans trilogy. 


I also want to remind everyone about the Dragonlance contest.  The
volunteers who submit the most books will win 2 additional book credits.
The volunteer who proofs the most books will also win 2 book credits. The
contest will end may first.


I am also doing a lottery.  One name will be drawn from the first 6
volunteers who submit a dragonlance book. That person will win 1 book




U on some crazy adventures. Grace


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