[bksvol-discuss] Gap-filling again

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  • Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 05:04:45 -0800

Hi, gang, I did my gap-filling bit again. If the post isn't waylaid, and all
other things being equal, Bookshare will be getting more books by Barbara
Hambly and more stuff by Steven Brust. The object of this is of course to
bring in books that will close gaps in the Bookshare collection. Bookshare
has book 1 of the Darwath series, but not the rest of the books. Also, it
doesn't have the sequel for The Ladies of Mandrigyn nor the books in the
Windrose chronicles. The books from alibris.com and various booksellers will
fill in those gaps. Ditto for Steven Brust's works in the collection. There
is the first two volumes in the Khaavren romance series, but I found the
other three books in the cycle, plus those books in the Vlad Taltos series
that weren't at Bookshare. Now, you know, folks, I have no idea when they'll
be added, but I thought I'd let the fantasy lovers on this list know. Carrie
knows about what's coming, as I think it a discourtesy to keep her in the
dark about what is sent. I know this doesn't have much to do with talk about
scanning and proofreading, but I think of you as potential friends of mine,
so wanted to share the news, since the goal is to add more books to
bookshare. Whether these books are neat or not is up to other readers'
opinions. Also, gang, I really hope we can chat together again as I loved
meeting you (you know who you are). Regards and have a good week, Kim.  

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