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Good morning, all.

I have just submitted Awakening the Virgin: True Tales of Seduction edited by 
Nicole Foster. It received a 99.69 rating. I rescanned several pages which were 
full of junk characters. Let me know if I missed any. Headers are in tact, so 
the proofreader might want to strip them. Page breaks have been protected. This 
is erotica, and, as such, was marked as having adult content.

If you have questions, contact

Here's the synopsis:

VIRGINS. Fascinating, forbidden, innocent yet powerful, virgins have captured 
our sensual imagination since time began. Here in fiery detail are the amazing 
true stories of lesbians seducing or being seduced by virgin women. In the 
office, a funeral home, the backseat of a car, a

bookstore, a summer camp, the wild outdoors, or even at home in bed,

these erotic rendezvous are as varied

as the experiences themselves. Whether describing the beginnings of a long-term 
relationship or simply relating a brief encounter, these true tales celebrate 
the lust and passion of awakening a virgin to the wonders of

sex with another woman.

"The different among us tell our stories because we are all only human and so 
much need a witness to the truth,"
Claudia Bepko

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