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Vivian and others;

About a year and a half ago, Scott came up with a neat idea to have people 
adopt series to ensure better completion.  I signed up to captain (and saying I 
would proof or scan, preferably proof) any of the books I had started series or 
complete sets of.  Because  incomplete older series can be expensive to 
complete, it takes a while to find reasonably priced copies or get them through 
inter library loans..  You can find the list at the following link, although I 
believe it is not very screen reader friendly, if memory serves me:


Below is the first email when I mentioned some of the larger series I have a 
substantial number of, although I cannot find them all in the series captain 
list.  Unfortunately I had a computer crash around that time and lost some 
emails on the topic or didn't do a good job of following up.  Working on 
acquiring books on a fixed income is slow, so I love when someone else can scan 
and I can ask questions if it is one of the few volumes I do not have ready 
access to.

Thanks a bunch!


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> I have many of the old Hardy boys and Nancy Drew books as well as other 
> classic lines including the Bobbsey Twins and more. I think this is where 
> being a series captain or volunteering for a group will be a very good use of 
> resources and talents.

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