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Hi gang,

I don't often get a rejection slip on a book but when I do I always wonder why. Wouldn't it be a good idea if the person who rejects a book could contact the person who submitted it and either tell them why they rejected it or try to work with them if it can be saved or rescanned.
What are you other guys thoughts on the subject? \


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Subject: Your book has not been accepted
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Dear earl,

This email is automatically generated by Bookshare.org. We are contacting you because your submission (#32766) of What Was She Thinking by Zoe Heller has not been approved for publication on Bookshare.org. The volunteer rejecting this book did not indicate any of the standard rejection reasons, such as missing copyright information, missing content, or excessive scanning errors.

Below are some of the specific reasons for the rejected submission:

We encourage you to resubmit this book if the problem can be corrected, and we invite you to contact volunteer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx if you need more information regarding this submission. We appreciate the time you spend contributing to Bookshare.org, and look forward to continuing to build the collection together.


Bookshare.org Volunteering

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The Bookshare.org collection is built and shaped primarily by its community of members and supporters. By scanning a book to submit to the collection, a Bookshare.org member can provide all other members access to that book.

Who can access the books?
Copyrighted digital books are available only to U.S. residents who have a disability that affects print reading and have a current subscription. Organizations such as schools can sponsor access for their students through a School or Group Account.

A limited number of books are available to non-U.S. residents because of publisher permission. Visit this link on our website to find out more:

Why is Bookshare.org legal?
In general, it would be illegal to share or distribute copyrighted books. However, Bookshare.org takes advantage of a special exemption in U.S. copyright law that permits the reproduction of publications into specialized formats for the disabled. This project is possible under the law in the United States, as long as the copyrighted digital books are only available to people in the U.S. with bona fide disabilities and the nonprofits and schools that serve them. For more information, please visit our website at

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