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Cindy, if he's not on this list, would you please let Paul know that this is
the kind of book that they'll scan at the Bookshare office if he's willing
to mail them a copy? I'm interested in reading it too, and my library
doesn't have it. That got me thinking about Carrie's goal of scanning 10
books a day that are educational in some way. This book looks like a perfect
fit. Carrie is willing to scan books and then lets us validate them from
step 1 or gets the Worth Project to handle them. To me, that works out great
because the book is in great shape, and validating is an easy thing to do.
This whole concept applies to other books too, anything about history,
science, literature, art, disabilities, philosophy, etc.

I want to make sure my email comes out right. I'm not trying to discourage
anyone from asking to have books scanned by volunteers. I just want people
to know that there's another good way of getting books like this scanned.

Monica Willyard
"The best way to predict the future is to create it." -- Peter Drucker

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> Cindy:
> Hi, I was surprised to not find this book on
> Bookshare.
> The Defining Moment
> FDR's Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope
> By
> Jonathan Alter
> Hardcover
> Publication Date: May 8, 2006
> Please add to the list when you can.
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