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> From: "mickey" <micka@xxxxxxxxxx>
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> Subject: Strange book
> Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 18:59:47 -0500
> I looked at "Ghosts Don't Rope Wild Horses" by
> Debbie Dady and someone else. 
> There are many too many page breaks in the book,
> which I can't sort out 
> without the print. I'm releasing it back to step 1
> in hopes that someone can 
> fixx it. I'll also probably read it, because they're
> fun.
> Also, the title on Bookshare is "Ghosts Don't Rope
> Wild Horses" and the one 
> in the book is "Ghosts Don't Ride Wild Horses." Not
> positive which is 
> correct.
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