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Oh thanks a million

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        Gwen ET al--My Thirty Years backstairs at the White House has been on 
the Wish List,(requested by Lynnsky), since June.
        I think I read it many, many years  ago and it was a well-written and 
interesting book.

        People, please be sure that the titles of books that you are requesting 
are absolutely correct. Otherwise, the wrong info gets put on the list and 
people looking for the book won't find it.--and I waste a lot of time checking 
the collection and/or my various lissts to see if the book is already in the 
collection or if someone is scanning it--or I have to check amazon, and if the 
title is incorrect I have to check by  auhors, and all this takes time I could 
be using to proofread.



        Wish List (i.e., books wanted added to the collection) and 
books-being-scanned list available at sites below

        Wish List: https://wiki.benetech.org/display/BSO/Bookshare+Wish+List

        Books Being Scanned List: 

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           real life iat the White House by
          Claire Whitcomb
          I'd love to see
          my 40 years backstairs at the  White House by
          Lillian Rogers oh shucks forgot her last  name.
          I myself wouldn't attempt to scan these so wouldn't be good for me to 
get them with pictures and who knows what all
          and might not be good scanning material for anyone
          I just love seeing not so well known facts small things the 
president's are cool to read about that is neat,
          but Gwen likes the mundain things that go on in every day life what 
they eat, what they are thinking what the staff goes through what they have to 
do little stuff that don't play into anything  political just every day life at 
theWhite House strange but true I love that kind of stuff.
          Oh yeah,
          I have graduated LOL so to speak
          I'm gonna read some medical mysteries
          I tried to choose carefully but have added some other reading to my 
usual reading materials of books.

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