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You can correct the braille copy, but these sound like scanning errors, not 
just with the braille file. The dots 2,3,5, I believe you said is what 
happened, is also the exclamation mark, and that is a scanner error, so it 
wouldn't be just the braille file affected by this. What I do with files 
like this is just correct as I go for my own purposes and keep the corrected 
file for myself. Take care.
Julie Morales
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 Hello Everyone, especially volunteers who use the Braille note with
refreshable braille to read  book share books in brf format.

I sent  this post to the book share discuss group and now realize I should
have sent it to you, the volunteers. I'm sorry for sending it to both lists,
but maybe it just doubles my chances of getting the advice I need. Below is
the post, with a few alterations, I sent to the discuss list.

- - - - -

I've listened to jaws read 3 novels from Book Share and if there were
errors, I didn't notice them. After some fizzles and good advice, I've moved
a brf file to my Braille Note. I'm on page 157 of Tess Gerritsen's,
"Harvest." It was rated  excellent, and  I've had a wonderful time reading

Now comes my question. I'm not disputing the rating and I'm not criticizing.
I feel so lucky to be reading this book in braille. I agree the volunteer
did an excellent job with all of the tasks  needed to prepare it for us.

Occasionally I am noticing small errors. For example, the word, I,  at the
beginning of a quoted phraise, like "I am happy," always appears as dots 2 3
and 5, which translates as the contraction for the word, "to." Other little
things pop up like missing spaces between words, a word spelled out which
should be contracted or simple typos as in a word with one cell of random
dots. In one instance the word, what, is written  r h a t, the contraction
for wh  doesn't appear and xx is written between the opening quotation mark
and the capital sign for the first word. None of these mistakes has made it
difficult to understand the story, nor have they posed any problems.
It would be so easy for me to correct these errors since I'm reading the
book any way. Is there a way of incorporating small corrections in a book
without starting the process from the beginning and without taking it off
the list of available books?

This proof reading comes naturally. It's so easy for me and could tidy up
the braille for the next readers.

I haven't done anything official as a volunteer yet. I'm confused by
computers, but with patience can be taught and perform operations I've
learned with consistant success.

Just wondering if I could or should fine tune this excellent book or others
like it. If the answer is, yes, then I need to learn how to do it.

Always With Love,


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