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Hi Curtis:

This book is already in the collection.  Here are the particulars...

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Book Information

Night of the Grizzlies by Jack Olsen

Synopsis: From the Book jacket: 

For more than half a century, grizzly bears roamed free in the national parks 
without causing a human fatality. Then in 1967, on a single August night, two 
campers were fatally mauled by enraged bears-thus signaling the beginning of 
the end for America's greatest remaining land carnivore. Night of the 
Grizzlies, Jack Olsen's brilliant account of another sad chapter in America's 
vanishing frontier, traces the causes of that tragic night: the rangers' 
careless disregard of established safety precautions and persistent warnings by 
seasoned campers that some of the bears were acting "funny"; the comforting 
belief that the great bears were not really dangerous-would attack only when 
provoked. The popular sport that summer was to lure the bears with spotlights 
and leftover scraps-in hopes of providing the tourists with a show, a close 
look at the great "teddy bears." Everyone came, some of the younger campers 
even making bold enough to sleep right in the path of the grizzlies'
known route of arrival. 

This modern "bearbaiting" could have but one tragic result Yet for all its 
ferocity, the grizzly held a special place in the hearts of conservationists, 
especially the men of the Park Service, to whom the great beast-like the fierce 
bald eagle-was considered an American hero, who should be allowed to roam free 
and unfettered. As Olsen writes: "Such heroes carry within themselves the stuff 
of tragedy; people break rules for them, make concessions to them, until 
sometimes the heroes wind up destroying themselves." Man was moving in on the 
grizzly, and no powerful carnivore, least of all the proudly independent 
grizzly, will go gently into the dark night of extinction. That dark night 
provides the climax of Night of the Grizzlies, a superb story of nature, 
survival, outdoor lore ...and terrible tragedy-tragedy for which man himself 
bore no little part of the responsibility.  

Quality: Excellent, almost no errors. 

Language: English  

Book size: 264 pages 

ISBN: Unknown 

Copyright Date: 1969 

Copyrighted By: Jack Olsen 

Submitted by: Shelley L. Rhodes 

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  Enjoy. *smile*

  Lynn I

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  Hi Cindy and all. I have a dear friend who is probably going into hospital 
and it would be special if someone had "the night of the grizzly," or maybe it 
might be "night of the grizzly," somewhere they could scan and put up. The book 
was read by NLS in 1969 and they remember it, and wish to read it again. She is 
having heart surgery, so, it'd do her heart good to have something to do while 
recovering. :)

  Thank you to all!

  Curtis Delzer.

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    > Hi all,
    > I would like to request the follwoing:
    > Layers by Sandi Patty
    > I Second That Emotion by Patsy Clairmont
    > Get Off Your Knees and Pray by Sheila Walsh
    > Thanks to all of you wonderful volunteers for scanning and
    > validating these
    > books for us!
    > Jill
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