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Hi Cindy,

To add to George's reply, on the Braille side, no, the text does not look
different in Braille when enlarged/made smaller. There are no "fonts" in
Braille, and the dots have only one size. In terms of font attribute,
though, such as bold and underline, or items such as text color and text
highlighting on the screen, one can choose to have such things indicated
when reading text with such attributes on the Braille display by selecting a
setting which adds a couple of dots to create a highlight of sorts
underneath the text which has the attribute; in JAWS, one can also cycle to
a mode where only font attributes are indicated on the Braille display.
Also, that paragraph in the Wish List is in all caps, and capitalizations
certainly look different in Braille, since there are of course ways to
indicate that a letter or group of letters is capitalized. On the speech
side, though, in JAWS, one can use the Speech and Sounds Manager and Voice
Aliases to create, for instance, font and attribute rules where JAWS can
speak text in specified font ranges, certain specific fonts such as Times
New Roman, or with certain attributes such as bold and underline in a
different voice/at a different pitch/at a different rate automatically when
such text is encountered; similar rules can be applied to text in All Caps
or certain colors as well. If one wishes to find the exact point size of a
specific piece of text, there's a manual command which can be invoked to
give that and other font/attribute info for the text at the cursor location.
I know for certain that all of this applies to JAWS, the vast majority if
not all of it probably applies to Window-Eyes, and I honestly haven't played
with other screen readers enough to know how much of it applies in other


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Hi Cindy:
I can't speak for braille as I don't use it, but enlarged fonts do not make 
the sound louder, in fact if they are to large the synthesizer ignores them 
and doesn't speak them at all.
George R. Marshall

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