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New and Recently Released!
Killer Year: A Criminal Anthology - edited by Lee Child
Publisher: St. Martin's Minotaur
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Pub Date: 1/22/2008
ISBN: 9780312374709
ISBN-10: 0312374704
Short Stories. Get comfortable for a wild ride with some of the rising stars in 
the crime, suspense, and mystery genres as they reveal their talents in
this thrilling anthology of short stories. The 16 entries include three by 
veterans (Ken Bruen, Allison Brennan, and Duane Swierczynski) and 13 by new
authors like Brett Battles (The Cleaner) and Derek Nikitas (Pyres). This 
compilation has received high praise; pick it up to read the compelling stories
as well as to see who your new favorite authors might be.
Stalked - by Brian Freeman
Publisher: St. Martin's Minotaur
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Pub Date: 2/5/2008
ISBN: 9780312363277
ISBN-10: 0312363273
Police Thriller. Detective Jonathan Stride is back in Duluth, Minnesota, after 
a trip to Las Vegas (in 2006's Stripped), and he's got his hands full. His
partner and best friend Maggie is the number one suspect in her husband's 
murder, and while he knows she must be innocent, there's definitely something
she's not telling him. He's also trying to track a serial killer, and his 
lover, P.I. Serena Dial, is dealing with a disturbing blackmailer who seems to
know everybody's dirty secrets. Publishers Weekly says that the story is 
"crammed with twists and studded with sex and violence"--and that Stalked is one
of author Brian Freeman's best.
L.A. Outlaws - by T. Jefferson Parker
Publisher: Dutton
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Pub Date: 2/5/2008
ISBN: 9780525950554
ISBN-10: 0525950559
Crime Thriller. Suzanne Jones is a middle school history teacher, but by night 
she uses a mask and a derringer to rob and plunder with glee (she gives part
of her haul to charity, as she believes she's descended from a 19th-century 
Mexican version of Robin Hood). The public loves it, but things go sour when
she witnesses the bloody slaying of ten gangsters, takes off with their 
(stolen) diamonds, and is stopped by a cop. The head gangster wants his diamonds
back, the assassin knows he had a witness, and the cop? Well, that's 
complicated. This fast-paced, jam-packed tale "may well be Parker's best book" 
The Guilty - Jason Pinter
Publisher: Harlequin Books
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Pub Date: 3/1/2008
ISBN: 9780778324638
ISBN-10: 077832463X

New York newspaper reporter Henry Parker returns in Pinter's exciting follow-up 
to "The Mark". Living with his girlfriend and trying to bury memories of
the traumatic events recounted in the first book, Henry gets an assignment that 
will put him and his girlfriend in jeopardy again. A celebrity is shot
outside a nightclub, and a note from the killer quotes a line from one of 
Parker's articles. More famous people die, and Parker sees a terrifying pattern:
the weapon used to commit the murders is over 100 years old, and the killer 
fancies himself as the famous outlaw Billy the Kid. The further Parker 
the more he becomes part of the story, a suspenseful and shocking tale that 
will leave readers clamoring for the next Henry Parker novel.
At the City's Edge - by Marcus Sakey
Publisher: St. Martin's Minotaur
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Pub Date: 1/22/2008
ISBN: 9780312360320
ISBN-10: 0312360320
Thriller. Iraq War veteran Jason Palmer is shattered when his brother, an 
anti-gang activist and local bar-owner, is murdered--and Jason's young nephew
seems to be in danger of becoming the next victim. Surrounding himself with 
people he can trust, Jason uses his training as a soldier to protect his nephew
and to get to the bottom of his brother's highly suspicious murder. Author 
Marcus Sakey portrays the gritty side of Chicago beautifully--especially as
an analogy to Jason's experiences in Baghdad--and "provides enough narrow 
escapes, traps and obstacles to satisfy a Die Hard fan" (Publishers Weekly).
If You Like: Linda Fairstein
With painstaking investigations of urban crimes, intriguing puzzles filled with 
gritty forensic details and fascinating historical information, and vividly
atmospheric settings, Linda Fairstein's legal thrillers have brought her many 
fans. Her series star is Alexandra Cooper, head of the New York City D.A.'s
Sex Crimes prosecution unit. Alex, who can sometimes be abrasive and outspoken, 
is utterly committed to fighting crimes against women. Fairstein publishes
Killer Heat, her 10th Alex Cooper thriller, in March; if you're on the hold 
list, try one of the following authors, whose books contain similarities to
the Alex Cooper series.
Move to Strike - by Perri O'Shaughnessy
Publisher: Bantam Books
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Pub Date: 6/1/2001
ISBN: 9780440225829
ISBN-10: 0440225825
Legal Thriller. If you're looking for another likable character devoted to 
fighting crimes against women, try one of Perri O'Shaughnessy's Nina Riley 
Move to Strike is the 6th in the series, and it finds the Lake Tahoe attorney 
defending her son's 16-year-old friend Nicole, who has been accused of killing
her uncle with a samurai sword. Toss in excellent legal scenes, heart-racing 
action, and beautifully described settings, and you have a great option for
fans of Linda Fairstein's Alex Cooper books.
First Chapter
Death du Jour - by Kathy Reichs
Publisher: Pocket Star Books
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Pub Date: 8/1/2000
ISBN: 9780671011376
ISBN-10: 0671011375
Forensic Thriller. Though Dr. Temperance Brennan is a forensic anthropologist 
rather than a lawyer, there are several similarities between this series and
the Alex Cooper books. Both feature serious crime-solving details, a vivid 
sense of place, and strong, appealing women who must juggle their personal lives
with their careers. In Death du Jour, the 2nd in the series, Tempe draws on all 
of her forensic skills to investigate a Quebec arson and a bizarre North
Carolina cult. This series is also the inspiration for the Fox television show 
First Chapter
Moment of Truth - by Lisa Scottoline
Publisher: HarperTorch
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Pub Date: 1/1/2001
ISBN: 9780061030598
ISBN-10: 0061030597
Legal Thriller. Lisa Scottoline is known for her series featuring the lawyers 
of Bennie Rosato's all-female legal firm. In Moment of Truth, newbie lawyer
Mary DiNunzio is hired specifically because of her inexperience--her client has 
decided to frame himself for the murder of his wife (he assumes it was
his daughter). Like the Alex Cooper series, Scottoline's books feature strong 
women whom readers get to know through their personal as well as professional
lives, a quick pace, and urban crime scenes. Set in Philadelphia, this 7th in 
the series is a "tense, often mischievous page-turner" (Publishers Weekly).
No Defense - by Kate Wilhelm
Publisher: St. Martin's Minotaur
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Pub Date: 1/1/2000
ISBN: 9780312209537
ISBN-10: 0312209533
Legal Thriller. Take prickly crusader Alexandra Cooper out of urban New York 
and stick her in rural Oregon, and you've got lawyer Barbara Holloway. In No
Defense, the 5th in the series, a seven-month marriage ends suspiciously when 
the older, richer husband, Vinny, is killed, leaving newly widowed Lara 
of murder. With the principled Barbara as the focus of the story, along with a 
strong sense of place, a complex plot, and impressive legal and investigative
details, No Defense is an excellent choice for readers waiting for Linda 
Fairstein's Killer Heat. If you like Kate Wilhelm's style, you might also try
her psychological suspense novels and mysteries.
First Chapter
Winners of the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award for Best Thriller
The Crime Writers Association (CWA) gives out several awards each year; the Ian 
Fleming Steel Dagger Award goes to the best thriller published in the U.K.
between June 1st and the following May 31st.
Garden of Beasts: A Novel of Berlin 1936 - by Jeffery Deaver
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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Pub Date: 1/25/2005
ISBN: 9780743222013
ISBN-10: 0743222016
Historical Thriller. In this 2004 Steel Dagger Award-winning thriller, the year 
is 1936. Professional hitman Paul Schumann has just been arrested by the
U.S. government and given a choice: either he can go to prison, or he can 
assassinate the man in charge of Hitler's rearmament, Colonel Ernst. On his trip
to Germany, however, things start to go wrong, and eventually Paul is being 
hunted by the Berlin police as well as by the Nazis. It's an exciting, twisting
tale, and as Publishers Weekly says, it's "prime Deaver, which means prime 
First Chapter
The Small Boat of Great Sorrows: A Novel - by Dan Fesperman
Publisher: Knopf
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Pub Date: 9/1/2004
ISBN: 9781400030477
ISBN-10: 1400030471
Spy Fiction. Former detective Vlado Petric has fled war-torn Bosnia for Berlin, 
where he now works construction. Until, that is, he is summoned by International
War Crimes Tribunal representative Calvin Pine. Pine wants Petric to capture a 
Croatian mobster who committed crimes in the recent Balkan conflict as well
as in WWII. But why Petric? As he soon discovers, it's because his own father 
may have had a strong connection to the mobster, who is currently hiding
in the Balkans. The L.A. Times claims that this 2003 Steel Dagger Award winner 
sets "a new standard for war-based thrillers."
First Chapter
Sharp Objects: A Novel - by Gillian Flynn
Publisher: Shaye Areheart Books
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Pub Date: 9/26/2006
ISBN: 9780307341549
ISBN-10: 0307341542
Psychological Suspense. After eight years away, reporter Camille Preaker has 
returned to her hometown to investigate the murders of two young girls. Haunted
by memories of her long-dead sister, she must also deal with a Lolita-like half 
sister and their mother, who may have caused Camille's childhood illnesses.
As Camille investigates, she uncovers horrible family secrets and relives the 
childhood that led her to self-mutilation. Kirkus Reviews calls this debut
by Entertainment Weekly TV critic Gillian Flynn "piercingly effective and 
genuinely terrifying." Sharp Objects won both the Steel Dagger and the New Blood
Dagger awards in 2007.
First Chapter
Brandenburg Gate - by Henry Porter
Publisher: Atlantic Monthly Press
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Pub Date: 3/28/2006
ISBN: 9780871139405
ISBN-10: 0871139405
Cold War Thriller. It's 1989 and the Communist government in East Germany is 
near collapse. Dr. Rudi Rosenharte, an ex-Stasi agent, is forced into a 
game of intrigue when the increasingly desperate secret police arrest his 
brother Konrad and hold Konrad's family hostage. The Stasi wants Rudi to seek
out an old lover whom they think has secret information--but Rudi knows that 
the woman is dead. To save his loved ones he must carefully balance not only
the Stasi but the KGB, CIA, and SIS as well. This absorbing thriller was the 
2005 Steel Dagger Award winner.
First Chapter
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