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New and Recently Released!

Blacklands: A Novel - by Belinda Bauer
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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Pub Date: 01/05/2010
ISBN-13: 9781439149447
ISBN-10: 1439149445
Psychological Suspense. Nearly 20 years ago, young Billy Peters disappeared: 
it's presumed that he was murdered by Arnold Avery, a serial killer who 
to killing several other children and burying them on the moors. Now, Billy's 
lonely 12-year-old nephew, Stephen, is determined to find his uncle's body
as a way to heal his still-grieving family. But digging in the moors turns 
dangerous when Stephen starts writing Avery, now in prison and growing ever
more interested in his unidentified pen pal after he realizes the writer is a 
child. Set in southwest England, this debut novel is an excellent choice
for fans of literary dramas and psychological suspense.
First Chapter

Sinners' Ball: A Jackson Steeg Novel - by Ira Berkowitz
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
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Pub Date: 12/29/2009
ISBN-13: 9780307408631
ISBN-10: 0307408639
Noir Suspense. When a Hell's Kitchen warehouse belonging to his mob-connected 
brother goes up in flames--killing three squatters--former NYPD detective
Jackson Steeg feels obliged to investigate despite his distaste for his 
brother's work. The discovery of six bodies, some of them mutilated, in packing
crates at the site of the fire amps up the stakes, and soon Jake is tangling 
with some of the most dangerous men in Manhattan, not to mention stepping
on the toes of the investigating police force. This 3rd Jackson Steeg novel 
features evocative descriptions of New York's distinctive less-gentrified 
and the kind of writing that fans of noir fiction will love.

The 13th Hour: A Thriller - by Richard Doetsch
Publisher: Atria Books
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Pub Date: 12/29/2009
ISBN-13: 9781439147917
ISBN-10: 1439147914
Thriller. Fans of the movie Memento will quickly get into this tale, told in 
reverse, of a man in police custody accused of murdering his wife. Nick Quinn
has lost the love of his life and is being relentlessly questioned about her 
death when a mysterious man offers him a timepiece that will allow him to
go backwards in time and--hopefully--prevent his wife's murder. Of course, it's 
never that easy, as Nick soon learns when the things he changes have horrible
ramifications for friends and family. Original in both plot and the telling of 
it, this is "one of the best thrillers of the year" (Booklist) and is already
on its way to becoming a film.
First Chapter

I, Sniper: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel - by Stephen Hunter
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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Pub Date: 12/29/2009
ISBN-13: 9781416565154
ISBN-10: 1416565159
Thriller. Despite his desire to stay out of the limelight, with a name like 
his, Bob Lee Swagger probably can't help but be a badass. But, being a former
Marine, he's a badass with a sense of honor, which is offended when a fellow 
ex-sniper is said to have gone off the rails and killed several aging Vietnam
protestors. Working with FBI agent Nick Memphis (fans will remember him from 
Bob Lee's debut in Point of Impact) to clear Carl Hitchcock's name, Bob Lee
steps into the sights of some very dishonorable men. Gun nuts and suspense 
junkies will love the non-stop action in this 6th in the series.
First Chapter
Killer First Lines

The Footprints of God - by Greg Iles
Publisher: Pocket Star Books
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Pub Date: 12/26/2007
ISBN-13: 9781416564096
ISBN-10: 1416564098
Technothriller. "'My name is David Tennant, M.D. I'm a professor of ethics at 
the University of Virginia Medical School, and if you're watching this tape,
I'm dead.'" Though he's fairly calmly filming his thoughts, Tennant's 
suspicions about the supercomputer he's building for the NSA have grown stronger
in the wake of his colleague's death. Believing it to be murder--and that he 
himself may be next on the hit list--Tennant goes on the run with the NSA
hot on his trail. His quest to prevent the unethical use of the supercomputer 
is complicated by visions of being Jesus Christ--and by the computer itself.
Thriller fans who appreciate science fiction will enjoy this twisty thriller, 
which also muses on the nature of God (and requires a leap of faith).
First Chapter

Long Lost - by David Morrell
Publisher: Warner Books
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Pub Date: 04/01/2003
ISBN-13: 9780446611947
ISBN-10: 0446611948
Suspense Fiction. Brad Denning is a successful architect and a devoted husband 
and father, but he's never been able to shake the guilt he has felt since
childhood: "When I was a boy, my kid brother disappeared." Brad's lingering 
guilt and unanswered questions mean that when a man shows up at his office
one morning claiming to be the long-lost Petey, Brad takes him in. This turns 
out to be a dangerous mistake and results in a more than year-long struggle
as Brad tries to put his family back together again. "Cain and Abel rematched," 
says Kirkus Reviews, before complimenting author David Morrell's storytelling
and pacing.
First Chapter

Liars Anonymous - by Louise Ure
Publisher: Minotaur Books
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Pub Date: 04/14/2009
ISBN-13: 9780312375867
ISBN-10: 0312375867
Crime Fiction. When a book starts off with the line "I got away with murder 
once, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen again," you know you're
in for a thrilling ride. Roadside assistance operator Jessie Dancing--the 
narrator of this story--thinks she's left her past (which includes standing 
for murder) behind. But a call that comes in to her call-center after a car 
accident changes all that when she hears what sounds like the driver being
murdered. Police called to the scene find lots of blood--but no body. The 
driver's wife is sure he's alive. But Jessie isn't convinced--and when she 
to the scene of the accident (which happens to be in the town she fled from 
years ago), she gets caught up in a murder investigation that will threaten
her new life.
First Chapter

Storm Runners - by T. Jefferson Parker
Publisher: William Morrow
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Pub Date: 03/01/2007
ISBN-13: 9780060854232
ISBN-10: 0060854235
Suspense Fiction. Starting off with a killer of a first line--"Stromsoe was in 
high school when he met the boy who would someday murder his wife and 
Runners follows police officer Matt Stromsoe as he hits rock bottom after an 
explosion meant to kill him takes his family instead. Though Stromsoe eventually
moves on with his life, taking a job with a private security firm and working 
as a bodyguard for a weather reporter with a stalker, the man who killed
his family isn't out of his life forever. With insight into such wide-ranging 
topics as rainmaking and the Mexican mafia, Storm Runners is a quick and
satisfying read.
First Chapter

The Mark - by Jason Pinter
Publisher: Mira
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Pub Date: 07/01/2007
ISBN-13: 9780778324898
ISBN-10: 0778324893
Thriller. When a newspaper interview goes horribly wrong, 24-year-old newbie 
journalist Henry Parker finds himself holding the smoking gun, accused of 
and on the run from both the NYPD and a vicious killer. Oh yeah, and the FBI 
and the mob are after him too. To clear his name, Henry must find a package
that everyone believes he already possesses--with only the help of an 
unsuspecting NYU student. His tale, which opens with the line "Right as I'm 
to die, I realize all the myths are fake," should "thrill any suspense junky," 
says Publishers Weekly.
First Chapter

The Night Ferry - by Michael Robotham
Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
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Pub Date: 07/29/2008
ISBN-13: 9780307275851
ISBN-10: 030727585X
Thriller. "It was Graham Greene who said a story has no beginning or end," says 
London police detective Ali Barba, who's on medical leave when an old school
friend begs her to attend an upcoming reunion. Cate Elliot, whom Ali has not 
seen in eight years, fears that someone is after her unborn baby; when she
and her husband are fatally hit by a car, Ali finds herself investigating their 
deaths. Her search, which takes her to Amsterdam on the trail of frozen
embryos, also puts her in the path of some very dangerous criminals. This is 
Australian author Michael Robotham's third of four novels, all of which feature
members of the Metropolitan police force. Ali Barba first appeared in Lost.
First Chapter

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