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Teen Scene January 2010
May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions.  ~Joey Adams

New and Recently Released!

Hush, Hush - by Becca Fitzpatrick
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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Pub Date: 10/13/2009
ISBN-13: 9781416989417
ISBN-10: 1416989412
Paranormal Romance. Smart, responsible Nora Grey is irritated by mysterious 
transfer-student Patch when they first meet, but it isn't long before she finds
herself irresistibly attracted to him (despite her persistent doubts about his 
character). After extremely frightening things begin happening to Nora,
she decides to investigate Patch...and discovers that he is one of the 
Nephilim, a fallen angel. And he wants very badly to be human. Hush, Hush is a 
and tantalizingly sexy read that will have you on the edge of your seat--and 
hoping for a sequel.
First Chapter

Witch & wizard - Patterson, James
Publisher: Little, Brown
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Pub Date: 12/14/2009
ISBN-13: 9780316036245
ISBN-10: 0316036242
Suspense/fantasy.  A sister and brother, along with thousands of young people, 
have been kidnapped and either thrown in prison or turned up missing after
accusations of witchcraft were made against them, and the ruling regime will do 
anything in order to suppress life and liberty, music and books.

We Were Here - by Matt de la Peña
Publisher: Delacorte Press
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Pub Date: 10/13/2009
ISBN-13: 9780385906227
ISBN-10: 0385906226
Fiction. Miguel Casteñeda has been sentenced to a year in a group home for a 
crime that he won't talk about--and honestly, he figures it's better than living
at home, where his mother won't even look him in the eye anymore. Then Miguel 
runs away from the group home with two other residents, Mong and Rondell,
with a half-baked plan to go to Mexico. Still keeping the journal that he was 
required to start in juvie, Miguel relates the hardships, adventures, and
epiphanies that the trio have along the way. Part survival tale and part 
friendship story, We Were Here is a gripping, suspenseful read.
First Chapter

How to Say Goodbye in Robot - by Natalie Standiford
Publisher: Scholastic
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Pub Date: 10/01/2009
ISBN-13: 9780545107082
ISBN-10: 0545107083
Fiction. Beatrice Szabo, forced to start her senior year in a new place because 
of her father's job, is the new girl at a Baltimore, Maryland private school
where everyone else has known each other since kindergarten. She's so 
emotionally deadened that her mother declares her a robot...but something tugs 
her wiry heartstrings when she meets tortured, antisocial Jonah, aka Ghost Boy. 
Witty, emotionally intense, and at times startlingly funny, How to Say
Goodbye in Robot is the perfect novel for proud misfits; fans of quirky, 
character-driven stories; and anyone looking for an unconventional love story.
Fabulous First Lines

The White Darkness: A Novel - by Geraldine McCaughrean
Publisher: HarperTempest
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Pub Date: 01/01/2007
ISBN-13: 9780060890360
ISBN-10: 0060890363
Adventure. "I have been in love with Titus Oates for quite a while now--which 
is ridiculous, since he's been dead for ninety years." Titus Oates was an
Antarctic explorer, and Symone has always been fascinated by Antarctica--so 
she's thrilled when her "Uncle" Victor asks her to accompany him on a trip
there. When members of their expedition group begin falling ill and the plane 
meant to fly them home explodes, it becomes clear that something has gone
seriously wrong. As the situation deteriorates, Sym's Antarctic adventure 
becomes a nightmarish struggle to survive in some of the harshest terrain on
the planet, and she begins to question Victor's trustworthiness.
First Chapter

Absolutely, Positively Not - by David LaRochelle
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books
Check Library Catalog
Pub Date: 06/01/2005
ISBN-13: 9780439591096
ISBN-10: 0439591090
Fiction. "Everybody has at least one ugly secret, and mine is as ugly as they 
come. I square dance. With my mother." Not only does 16-year-old Steven DeNarski
square dance, he likes it. He also likes looking at the International Male 
catalog that he's kept secreted under his mattress for more than a year, but
despite this fact, he has decided to prove to himself and the world that he is 
absolutely, positively not gay. This hilarious story is a fun read for anyone,
of any persuasion, who likes comic misadventures and characters who struggle to 
be true to themselves.

The Knife of Never Letting Go - by Patrick Ness
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Check Library Catalog
Pub Date: 09/09/2008
ISBN-13: 9780763639310
ISBN-10: 0763639311
Science Fiction. "The first thing you find out when yer dog learns to talk is 
that dogs don't got nothing much to say. About anything." Todd Hewitt is the
very last boy in Prentisstown, a dismal human settlement on an alien planet 
where the thoughts of men and animals are constantly audible (no one, in fact,
can keep from hearing them). Todd does his best to stay out of trouble and tune 
out the maddening, ever-present Noise, but after he makes a startling discovery,
he's forced to flee with only his loyal but none-too-bright dog, Manchee. 
Featuring a fascinating world, breathless suspense, and touches of horror, this
1st book in the Chaos Walking trilogy will keep you riveted and leave you 
desperate to read the next installment, The Ask and the Answer.
First Chapter
Table of Contents

The Death Collector - by Justin Richards
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Check Library Catalog
Pub Date: 05/16/2006
ISBN-13: 9781582347219
ISBN-10: 1582347212
Horror/Mystery. "Four days after his own funeral, Albert Wilkes came home for 
tea." This unexpected reappearance is but one symptom of the monstrous evil
that a madman has unleashed on the streets of Victorian London, and three 
courageous teens--Eddie, a street urchin; George, a clockmaker; and Elizabeth,
a budding actress--are determined to thwart his sinister plan. With a scrap 
from a secret diary, they hope to solve the mystery of some missing dinosaur
eggs, a reanimated corpse, and the fire-breathing creature that's roaming 
Londontown at night. If you like author Justin Richards' Invisible Detective
mystery series and don't mind a bit of gore, you'll love this twisty ride.

Haters - by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez
Publisher: Little, Brown
Check Library Catalog
Pub Date: 06/01/2008
ISBN-13: 9780316013086
ISBN-10: 0316013080
Fiction. "You know it's bad news when your dad comes back to Taos from a 
two-week business trip to Los Angeles wearing designer sunglasses and a velour
Juicy men's tracksuit." When Pasquala Rumalda Quintana de Archuleta (Paski)'s 
geeky-but-loveable single dad sells the film rights for one of his cartoons,
the two of them move from New Mexico to L.A. Money and looks are all that seem 
to matter at Paski's new school, and while Paski is beautiful, in comparison
to her wealthy classmates she's underprivileged. But she has some special 
talents to help her deal with her version of the movie Mean Girls: she's a 
mountain-biker and has inherited her family's gift of visions. If you like your 
realistic fiction with a hint of magic and your female characters sassy,
don't miss Haters.

The Kayla Chronicles: A Novel - by Sherri Winston
Publisher: Little, Brown
Check Library Catalog
Pub Date: 01/01/2008
ISBN-13: 9780316114301
ISBN-10: 0316114308
Fiction. "Stankalicious!" Kayla Dean, 14-year-old feminist, shy girl, budding 
investigative reporter, and word-coiner (see the previous sentence for an
example) is being pressured by her best friend, Rosalie, into auditioning for 
Royal Palm Academy's Lady Lions dance team. Rosalie's politics are toward
the strident end of the feminism scale, and she's out to prove that the 
ultra-hot Lady Lions only choose dancers who are more generously endowed than 
Kayla is. But what if Kayla actually makes the team and likes being a 
booty-shaking Lady Lion? Can she be empowered even if she wants to wear really 
shoes? This smart, funny story about friendship and girl power is chock-full o' 
funktaciousness (defined in the book's "Lexicon of Kayla-isms").

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