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New and Recently Released!

The Gates - by John Connolly
Publisher: Atria Books
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Pub Date: 10/06/2009
ISBN-13: 9781439172636
ISBN-10: 1439172633
Fantasy. In this "frothy fantasy thriller" (Publishers Weekly), the fate of the 
world depends upon 11-year old Samuel Johnson, his dachshund Boswell, and
the "Scourge of the Five Deities," an outcast demon by the name of Nurd. While 
trick-or-treating one Halloween night, Samuel and Boswell witness their
neighbors opening a portal to Hell--a ritual that goes horribly awry. Now 
they've got to reseal the Gates before The Great Malevolence takes over. The
Gates is lighter in tone than The Book of Lost Things, author John Connolly's 
previous foray into fantasy; but if you like humorous supernatural scenarios
such as those in Practical Demonkeeping by Christopher Moore and Good Omens by 
Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, you'll want to read this book.
First Chapter

Hastur lord - Bradley, Marion Zimmer
Publisher: DAW Books
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Pub Date: 01/05/2010
ISBN-13: 9780756406226
ISBN-10: 0756406226
Fantasy.  A never-before-published fantasy novel set in Marion Zimmer Bradley's 
"Darkover" universe.
The world of Darkover, a unique, isolated, and protected world, has long 
avoided becoming part of the technologically advanced Terran Empire. But things
are about to change. Regis Hastur, lord of the most powerful of the seven 
Domains in Darkover, learns that the Empire is about to become a Federation,
and is extending an invitation for all of the worlds to join. While the offer 
seems tempting to his people, Regis knows that Darkover would become little
more than a military base, used for its unique planetary position, and will be 
sapped of its resources. He must now stop at nothing to save his world.

By the Mountain Bound - by Elizabeth Bear
Publisher: Tor
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Pub Date: 10/27/2009
ISBN-13: 9780765318831
ISBN-10: 0765318830
Norse Fantasy. At the beginning of All the Windwracked Stars, the opening 
volume of Elizabeth Bear's Edda of Burdens series, the valkyrie Muire stood 
in the blood-stained snow of Valdyrgard, the sole survivor of Ragnarök. In this 
pre-apocalyptic prequel, we learn of the events that led up to that final,
fateful battle. Armed with crystal swords, the immortal "Children of Light," 
the einherjar and the valkyries, serve as the guardians of the human race.
But everything changes when the warrior Strifbjorn rescues a woman from the 
sea. Known only as the Lady, she is neither human nor valkyrie--and could either
be their savior or the author of their destruction. For more fantasy based on 
Norse mythology, try Betsy Tobin's Ice Land, Ed Greenwood's Niflheim series,
or--if you like a bit of science fiction-tinged urban fantasy--Greg van 
Eekhout's Norse Code.

Heart's Blood - by Juliet Marillier
Publisher: Roc
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Pub Date: 11/03/2009
ISBN-13: 9780451462930
ISBN-10: 0451462939
Romantic Fantasy. While Whistling Tor may seem like a wasteland to everyone 
else, for 18-year-old Caitrin, it's a safe haven: at least there she's safe
from her abusive fiancé. The home of cursed chieftain Anluan, Whistling Tor 
also affords an opportunity for her to earn a living as a scribe. Caitrin's
job is to sort through Anluan's family archives, but as her feelings for Anluan 
grow stronger, her task takes on a more personal significance as she searches
for a way to lift the curse. Featuring a strong heroine and a richly rendered 
Irish setting, Heart's Blood draws extensively on Celtic mythology and will
appeal to fans of Morgan Llywelyn and Judith Tarr.

Changing the world : all-new tales of Valdemar - Lackey, Mercedes
Publisher: DAW Books
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Pub Date: 12/01/2009
ISBN-13: 9780756405809
ISBN-10: 0756405807
Short stories.  Sixteen of today's hottest fantasy authors--including Tanya 
Huff, Mickey Zucker Reichert, Fiona Patton, and Judith Tarr--visit Lackey's
world of Valdemar, adding their own special touches. Includes a brand-new 
novella by Lackey.  Don't miss Lackey's latest novel, Gwenhwyfar : the white
spirit, a unique fantasy featuring King Arthur's legendary queen.
Book Lovers

Thursday Next in Lost in a Good Book: A Novel - by Jasper Fforde
Publisher: Penguin Books
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Pub Date: 02/01/2004
ISBN-13: 9780142004036
ISBN-10: 0142004030
Humorous Fantasy. It's chaos as usual for book-jumping literary detective (and 
newlywed) Thursday Next: a new Shakespeare play has just surfaced, an old
enemy is back and plotting her demise, and her husband has been "eradicated" by 
the evil multinational Goliath Corporation. After striking a bargain with
Goliath (she'll get her husband back if she can liberate their operative from 
Poe's "The Raven"), Thursday joins the Jurisfiction division, where she teams
up with Great Expectations' madcap Miss Havisham and explores the Great 
Library, containing every book that has ever or will ever be written. Packed 
silliness and clever wordplay, this novel is the 2nd in a series that starts 
with The Eyre Affair and is followed by The Well of Lost Plots.
First Chapter

Escapement - by Jay Lake
Publisher: Tor
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Pub Date: 06/24/2008
ISBN-13: 9780765317094
ISBN-10: 0765317095
Steampunk Fantasy. This follow-up to Mainspring focuses on Paolina Barthes, a 
prodigy whose isolated upbringing on the Equatorial Wall has only heightened
her desire to acquire an education. With her homemade "gleam," which can 
measure anything in God's clockwork universe, Paolina sets off for London. 
on the far side of the world, Connecticut librarian Emily McHenry Childress 
encounters pirates, mechanical brass men, and a lost archive. Featuring a 
young girl with an alethiometer-like device, Escapement will resonate with fans 
of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. Its alternate 19th-century
society and colorful characters may also appeal to those who enjoy China 
Miéville's New Crobuzon books.
First Chapter

Alphabet of Thorn - by Patricia A. McKillip
Publisher: Ace Books
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Pub Date: 02/19/2005
ISBN-13: 9780441012435
ISBN-10: 0441012434
Fantasy. On the day of the Queen of Raine's coronation, a young mage delivers 
an ancient manuscript to the foundling Nepenthe, a translator in the royal
library. A devoted student of languages, Nepenthe soon becomes obsessed with 
deciphering the book, which is written in a strange language whose characters
resemble thorns. As she uncovers the ancient legend within its pages, she 
realizes that the book contains clues to the mystery surrounding her 
hints at the fate of the kingdom. Publishers Weekly, in a starred review, calls 
this novel by World Fantasy Award-winning author Patricia McKillip a 

The City of Dreaming Books: A Novel from Zamonia - by Walter Moers
Publisher: Overlook Press
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Pub Date: 09/06/2007
ISBN-13: 9781585678990
ISBN-10: 1585678996
Fantasy. When aspiring writer Optimus Yarnspinner inherits the "most 
magnificent piece of writing in the whole of Zamonian literature," he heads to 
the literature-lover's utopia, to find its author. Upon arrival, naïve Optimus 
falls prey to the schemes of slippery scholar Pfistomel Smyke, who traps
him in Bookholm's vast network of catacombs. Now Optimus must find his way out, 
fighting for survival every step of the way as he encounters cutthroat
Bookhunters, terrible monsters, and more. Set on the continent of Zamonia, the 
same world featured in Walter Moers' The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear,
The City of Dreaming Books highlights the pleasures--and perils--of reading.

Firmin - by Sam Savage
Publisher: Delta Trade Paperbacks
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Pub Date: 12/30/2008
ISBN-13: 9780385342650
ISBN-10: 0385342659
Animal Fantasy. Avid reader Firmin was raised on a steady diet of 
literature--literally! A rat "birthed, bedded, and suckled on the defoliated 
carcass of
the world's most unread masterpiece" (that would be James Joyce's Finnegan's 
Wake), Firmin distinguishes himself from his mother and his dozen siblings
by learning to read. Living in the basement of a Boston bookshop, Firmin grows 
up to be a confirmed bibliophile who harbors a secret desire to become a
writer. But what's the good of having more books than you could ever possibly 
read if you can't find anyone to discuss them with? Don't miss this charming
and bittersweet tale.
First Chapter

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