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Thanks, Jana.  But that brings up a question:  If NLS can put out such good 
Braille, why can't Bookshare do what they do.  Surely, they don't do it by 
hand, do they?  Or do they?  If they use software to get such nearly perfect 
translation, why can't Bookshare just use that instead of all this talk about 
why the translator can't do m dashes correctly?  How does NLS do their 
translation?  Does anyone here know the answer?  Maybe some proprietary 
government-only software that noone else can have access to?

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  Hi, Everyone!  Here is a response from Jim Fruchterman regarding the question 
of em-dashes.  Sorry, I just realized that I forgot to send it over last night. 


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  Thanks, Jana. I took a look at the digest from Saturday, and I assume the 
answer is that we don't want to move away from the way the book was printed: we 
have made a commitment to publishers and authors to work to bring the scanned 
texts closer to the original.  If we have a preference from Braille readers to 
change our Duxbury output, I'd rather keep the focus on that.


  Jim Fruchterman





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