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Hi all,

Chela, is your friend's book published either by a recognized publisher or has she self published? The book has to have been published somewhere before it can be put onto Bookshare. Then, once it is published, she has to go through the staff member who handles that kind of thing. She has to sign a letter of permission and so on. Then, she needs to submit the book in RTF to Bookshare. Please tell her to make sure that the page breaks are in the manuscript!

As for explaining about Bookshare, that's done on the web site pretty well. Why aggravate yourself. Just tell her to go to the web site.

Ann P.

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Greetings, Can anyone help me explain what bookshare is in general and how it works as far as making books accessible to a friend of mine who is wanting to make her novel series accessible. She works with blind people and she has chosen me to help her know about bookshare and how to make books accessible, well, her books that she'd be writing, and is based on disabilities, yet in novel-like style. One of her novels is about a 70's rock 'n' roll couple, both men, one turns blind and is called House Of Sight I believe she told me, but she really wants to know the whole kit 'n' caboodle. Now I shall scream, !HELP! Please?
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