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This is a pretty neat story. Thanks, Roger, for letting us know. I can really picture those old pages as they were being scanned. And yes, giving up the ghost, Bob, that is very well said indeed!

It gives me an idea to scan a book I have had for a number of years that is probably in the same boat. I have a very good used bookstore near where I live, and I pick up some old books here and there, that really one might be hard to find.

One such very old hardcover book I have is a children's "big league" baseball series book, called "Lego Lamb, Southpaw," by Burt L. Standish. It was copyrighted in 1923. I have never found any of the other titles from the author's series. But if you are a baseball fan, especially the early game, had have a childhood nostalgia for the game, this is a very fun book. I have thought of scanning it. But boy, the spell checker will assuredly go crazy, as there a lot of Bronx slang from that time period which of course adds to its charm. But I figured it would be pretty much a lot of work and had not yet tried to scan it.

This copy sat out in a rainstorm a few years ago, and I have pretty much figured that the scanning would have a similar "giving up the ghost" experience should if I scan it.

But If one of you proofreaders let me know you are interested, maybe I will set on the project here sometime soon. Write me off list, or reply to the list. I am Richard (Rik) James at d28rik@xxxxxxx or ohio1803@xxxxxx

In the meanwhile, I have 2 submitted books awaiting checkout for proofreading.
Submitted on July 30, and August 2nd.

They are:

TITLE:   I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive
AUTHOR:  Steve Earle
YEAR OF COPYRIGHT:   Copyright © 2011 by Steve Earle
This is the singer-songwriter's 1st novel. And pretty good, too, I think. Not long, quite a story. Picked it up at a recent concert appearance.

And the other book submitted is a very new non-fiction book about the year 1970 in popular music and popular culture. I heard the author on a radio show and went out and picked it up at my local bookseller. It rings of much familiarity since I was pretty into all of the music coming out at that time. Some of the PR folks are calling it the "best music book of the year." A bit exaggeration. But that is what promotion is meant to be, yes?

TITLE: FIRE AND RAIN: The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, James Taylor, CSNY, and the Lost Story of 1970
AUTHOR:      David Browne
YEAR OF COPYRIGHT:   Copyright © 2011 by David Browne

I have another book of nonfiction about music, and I'm just about finished with my work on it. It is dealing specifically with Lee Hays, The Weavers, Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, etc. A pretty small book in sales, but worthwhile to any scholar or person who is interested in that whole music and social movement time.

It is called Sing Out Warning

Sing Out, Warning! Sing Out, Love!
The Writings of Lee Hays
Copyright © 2003 by University of Massachusetts Press

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