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Please give the name of the book when you are making these comments. It helps all of us.

Thanks for the feedback.


At 05:54 PM 1/27/2008, you wrote:
I am reading a book that I can't tell for sure if it has garbage or Greek in it, but I think there is a combination. There are a lot of extra letters in it, and I've seen this in so many books. Another thing is that the famous stripper did not take out the headings on any pages so far as I can tell, so I am sort of wondering about it. I don't know when this was scanned though, probably a good while back, so maybe "the stripper" has become more powerful. LOL.

Let's see. Where was I going with this. LOL. Oh, I know. Another thing. There had been a discussion of taking out end-of-line hyphens hat divide words. Boy, do I see it as a good idea. I hadn't thought of it before, but to do that, especially between pages is a really good idea.

Just random thoughts about scanning and the like.

Cindy Lou Ray

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