[bksvol-discuss] Re: From List-serve to Discussion Board?

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I tend to agree. I hate the message boards and tend to only visit them when
absolutely necessary. They're probably really nice and quick for sighted
people, but with speech while they're doable, they're a pain. Not sure how
many of us are speech users vs those who are sighted volunteers, though.

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With a dial up account, downloading your messages into say a program like
Outlook Express or Outlook or what have you is much quicker than trying to
navigate a message board.  I am a member of one, and it is a lot of time to
find the material I want, try to post a response, and keep track of messages
here and there.

Email is much easier.  And as they have said already it is much easier to
delete a message, filter a submitter than it is to try to go from message to
message on a message board.

They are nice to look at visually but a Pain to navigate, even nice clean

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Hi Folks,

I suppose one option in all of this is that we move this discussion list
to a more controlled setting: a discussion board where (the
administrative) deleting of posts is an option. Such deletions would be
minimal, as I like the organic and informal nature of these discussions.
In extreme cases, however, I am not opposed to enforcing civility if it
maintains a better tone and representation of Bookshare.org.

A discussion board has many benefits. It's easier to follow the
individual discussion threads if you're not interested in cats but have
a passion for Epsons, for example. It would also decrease the number of
messages in your inbox that you would have to wade through on a daily
basis. Also, if volunteers are visiting a specific url, it would be
possible to provide links to a variety of pages, including scanning tips
and Rui's links to the lists.

I'm inclined to see how easy it would be to implement a discussion board
as opposed to this list-serve. Is there any feedback on this matter that
I should take into account?


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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: txt page breaks redux

Now children, enough of this sparring.  Does any of this have anything
to do
with Bookshare?  Do we want Marissa to start cracking down on these type

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  Just another example of your concern for the customer.
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    Thank you Dr. Cross,  yours has been  a Thorough treatment of the
at hand" or is it a "compact biography?" of me.  Thank goodness it is
not a
"Love Inspired Romance".

    Guido Dante Corona
    IBM Accessibility Center,  Austin Tx.
    Research Division,
    Phone:  512. 838. 9735.
    Email: guidoc@xxxxxxxxxxx
    Web:  http://www.ibm.com/able

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    I want to support Mary's comments.  Not only is Guido vigorously
       impose his standards, but he has made this a very unpleasant list
    which to be associated.  He routinely downs other volunteers,
    that we, too, are customers as well as volunteers, but he also
    bime with humor which is very often off point.  That might even be
    express a view with which he disagrees, and suddenly your entire
    is suspect. You are discussing things which have already been
    though he might be the only one who thinks so.
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    Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: txt page breaks redux

    > Guido,
    > Here's a thought. Since there are lots of books on the download
    are not in the txt format, and since there are people willing to
work on
    those which you find unredeemable and others who would be
    > interested in reading cleaned up versions of same, why don't you
    concentrate on the better quality or at least the non txt items
    imposing your standards on the whole of BookShare, especially in the
    > absence of word from the powers that be regarding this issue?
    > In a note to Kelly, you wondered rhetorically what part of the
    of work people don't understand. In turn, I wonder what gives you
    to grant  yourself the authority to set standards which BookShare
    > itself simply has not set.  This whole problem can be avoided if
    set the selection of books on step one to be viewed to something
    all formats, e.g. kes or rtf.
    > There is room for interpretation with respect to the "readability"
    standard. But until BookShare comes out with a guideline regarding
    whole page break business that will supercede what Marissa said
    > Christmas break, I'd say your position on the page break issue is
    like disregard of present  policy rather than pride of work.
    > I sure hope the staff at BookShare reaches consensus soon on this
    and then,  let us all live with that decision, whatever it may be.
    > Mary

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