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Sandra Brown's french silk is uploaded this morning. The only thing is I forgot 
to take out the headers which is stupid of me but here's part of the back 
cover, the part that turned out anyway. 
Like the city of New Orleans itself, Claire Laurent is a vibrant beauty laced 
with a mysterious elusiveness and shadowed by secrets. Yet she has fought hard 
to make, her fabulous lingerie mail order business, French Silk, into a 
worldwide success. Now three bullets have killed a TV evangelist and point to 
Claire as the killer.

District Attorney Robert Cassidy knows she is damn-ing herselt with lie after 

about the murder, even as he feels her drawing him into her work nut her very 
soul. Hut neither Cassidv's love nor her protests ol innocence can save Claire 
unless she reveals a shocking truth-om she has vowed to take to the grave...

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