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Dear Booksharian Friends,

D810 and D811, The Boy and is Bear and The Borning Room are spoken for. I've added D820, a regency romance to the end of the list.

Always with love,


D81 Doppelganger by David Stahler Jr., Hardback 258 pages, They kill people and take over their bodies.a horror book, for teens

D82 The 13th Floor A Ghost Story by Sid Fleischman, hardcover, 133 pages, fantasy, lots of action/adventure, a boy finds pirates, time travel through a door on the 13th floor,

D83 Quicksilver by Stephanie Spinner, small hardcover, teens, 130 pages, based on Greek mythology, Atlantis etc.

D84 Bad Dreams, Fearstreet R. L. Stine, mass market paperback, teens, 150 pages, Girl watches the same murder over and over in her nightmares.

D85 Howliday Inn, by James Howe, series, paperback, 194 pages, in the award winning Bunnicula series, the family are going on vacation. Bunnicula is being boarded but the loyal cat and dog are to stay at the scary Chateau Bow Wow. Middle grades.

D86 I am the wallpaper by Mark Peter Hughes, hardcover, 200 pages, teenage angst

D87 Pedigree Unknown by Dorothy Lyons, hardcover, 172 pages, horse training and romance. Girl is engaged when she learns her high class pedigree isn't what she thought. The horse she is training might not be a high pedigree either. Are they worth anything?

D88 Hitty Her first 100 years by Rachael Field, Newberry winner, paperback, 257. Hitty is a doll. Lots of history in this story. Check to make sure Bookshare doesn't have this one.

D89 One Day in the Prairie by Jean Craighead George paperback about buffalo, prairie dogs, birds of prey, insects and the naturalist observing them, scholastic 50 pages, has bibliography and index.

D812 Case of the Missing Gold Rugrats Files, A Time Travel story paperback, 140 pages, popular with kids, has a few short passages in funny font may need sighted help

D813 Nobody's Perfect, 7th heaven series by Amanda Christie, paperback, 126 pages, includes Christian themes, based on popular TV series, good values

D814 Violet's Defiant Daughter, Book of Faith series book 7, based on characters by Martha Finley, hardcover, 212 pages, Christian themes, There are four different series in this group and each has a beautiful doll children can buy including the Violet doll.

Promises Broken D815 Caitlin, Promises Trilogy 2, by Francine Pascal, creator of the Sweet Valley series, Mass Market Paperback, about 200 pages, teen romance

D816 Water From the Well by Myra McLarey, hard cover, 230 pages, African American book, may not be children's, Begins in Arkansas, 1919.

D817 God Don't Like Ugly by Mary Monroe, Trade paperback, wonderful condition, 344 pages, adult book, Shattering event changes the lives of two girl friends from different sides of the track. I think this isn't a kid's book, not sure

D818 The Terracotta Palace by Anne Maybury, hardcover, large print, 472 pages, Juliet had a wonderful summer visit to a villa in Rome with her friend Vanessa. Back in England she gets a call from her mother telling her never to set foot in Rome, again. Romantic suspense

D819 Japanese Spring by Ishmael Reed, hardback, 220 pages, not a kid book, about a prof who hopes to get tenure, about colleges replacing older profs with trendy, new, young ones, novel.

D820 Scandal's Daughter by Phylis Ann Wardy hardcover, 172 pages, regency romance

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