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You're right they probably aren't on the list so the don't know that the preferred format has changed to rtf. Initially, the preferred formats for submission were Ark and Kes, with the rational being that if they were submitted with all the image files from the original scan, they might not need re scanning if the OCR technology improved significantly enough to do a better job by running them through the OCR portion again at some later date. In my opinion there were a number of falicies with that plan, 1. most submissions in the Ark and Kes formats didn't actually include the image files; 2. if they did in fact include the image files they were huge and took up allot of storage space; 3. poor scans usually have poor image files; 4. there really isn't any mechanism setup for finding, and putting the old Ark and Kes submission through the OCR software again to see if they would be improved. Again, this last part is purely my opinion.


At 09:47 AM 10/7/2007, you wrote:
I don't suppose the people who are doing this are on the list, but why
do some of us still download in .ark and .kez formats? I know we can,
but it makes the book stay in Step 1 Longer. I saw one just below the
.ark file I had just re-downloaded about three or four books, and I
know there are others. What is the rationale for not changing the
books to .rtf? Is it because people don't realize they can do that on
their systems and can usually do it with OpenBook or Kurzweil?

Thanks. Just wondering.

Cindy Lou Ray. Each day is a new adventure.

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