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Thanks, Pratik.  I will read this section, but just from reading what you sent, 
it doesn't sound as though this will let you manipulate page breaks directly.  
Say, there was an extra one, or one was missing, for instance.  I'm not having 
that need now, but no OCR is perfect, and I am sure that I will need to do that 
at some point.  I can do that easily in Word, of course, but if I don't have to 
switch programs just for that, so much the better.  But I will check out this 
section of the manual.

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  Here is an exerpt from page 135 of the manual that deals with special 
character searches.

  "Searching for Special Characters

  In the Find text box (ALT+F) in the Find dialog, you can type the following 
to search for special characters:

  \t finds horizontal tabs.

  \n finds a new line. A new line exists only at the end of a paragraph or on a 
blank line.

  \\ finds backslashes.

  \p finds text at the beginning or end of a page. For example, -\p would find 
pages whose last character was a hyphen, and \p- would find pages whose first 
character was hyphen. Be aware that searches using this wildcard may fail due 
to the presence of headers and footers."




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  I thought since I'm working on a book for Bookshare, that I would ask this 
here rather than on the K1000 list.  With features such as rank spelling, 
poorly scanned pages and rerecognition, the prospect of editing and fixing up a 
kes file, then translating it into rtf for submission is much more feasible 
than with an ark file.

  I was wondering how to enter characters such as tab, hard return and page 
break into the search box.  Apparently the caret method of MSWord isn't the 
way.  Is there a list of these somewhere in the docs?  If so, could someone 
just point me to it, as I'm not sure where to look.


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